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Locé Styx you have to make up a story line of your own. its not based on anything like percy jackson or harry potter.

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Locé Styx Name:Kem
mood: calm, thinks things through, stubborn.
height: 5' 8"
Crush?: none
Other, (put alot of info here): When she was fourteen, she ran away and has been travelling around for the past year on the run from the police, who are trying to find her and bring her home. she's really smart and can jump 5 feet in the air. (i know its weird but its awesome)

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so the charries can have/do what ever we want them to?

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Locé Styx Name: Alix
Age: 16
Nickname: Ix
mood: excited usually, or sometimes just normal.
height: 5' 11"
Crush: open
Other: has swirly tatoos on her one arm. she has an excitment for adventure, and loves to solve mysteries.

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Name: Kyra
Nickname: Kiki
mood: silent most of the time, disturbed a bit
height: 5'10
Other: Her best friend over dosed on drugs and died, the drug dealer never got all the money he needed so he has turned to Kyra to get it, and she isnt giving it up. Has her own car and learners permit, so she has been living in her car for the pst few months.

a guy is coming. . .

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Name: Vince
Nickname: none
mood: usually pretty nice, caring, protective
height:6' something
Other: He is a freaking genius, graduated early top of his class, currently is driving to college. . . He has a stalker girlfriend he has tried ot break up with

sorry but I love nick zano, he is beautiful XD

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Locé Styx Janelle wrote: "so the charries can have/do what ever we want them to?"


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