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Picking an edition.

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message 1: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 27 comments How do you pick which edition to read when looking at classics?

A book I'm reading now suggests getting a book without annotation so that you can read with less distraction, but that goes against what I normally look for-- I usually like the background information. Wondering if that's been a bad idea.


Admittedly, the way a book looks and feels also plays a part in what I get. Bad habit, I know.

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen | 11 comments I like to read reviews on Amazon and other places before I pick an edition. IMO, the right edition--esp when it is a translation--can make a world of difference. my classics book group has gotten to the point where we will read just about ANYTHING that Robert Fagles has translated (The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid) because he does such a good job of making a work accessible without losing the classic essence.

I also like the Penguin paperback classics--they are designed nicely, fall open to your place in the book, nice sized print.

message 3: by theduckthief (new)

theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
For this month's book I just read the first online version I could find. I figured that everyone would pick up different editions and thought it would be interesting to compare them.

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