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Name: Diona Andrews
Age: Eight
Looks: Diona has delicate, pixe-like features. Pouty rose bud colored lips and a slightly upturned nose. Round, youthful lightly blushed cheeks and emerald green eyes. She has dark eye lashes that frame them, with the ability to shoot venomus glares. She's short for her age- standing around 4'3''. But don't let her innocent appearence fool you. She has strong arms and legs, is a fast runner and is learning her powers quickly.

Personality: Diona is fierce. Diona is unforgiving. Diona is independent. But Diona is a child, with her faults and complaints, too. She tries, tried, and has been invincible. She doesn't want anything to bother her. So she projects this cold, acidic, nasty little girl to the world. And she can be quite a little twerp to most people. She's anything but innocent, though. Her knowledge of the outside world and the dirty things is as experienced as a middle schooler. Result of jumping from foster home to foster home. But if you really can break through that ice, maybe you'll meet that sensitive, intelligent girl that is just screaming under the mile thick layer of fear.

History: Diona lived in a single apartment with her mother, Claire. She has her calomeal locket. Then one day, a fateful, horrible day, her mother was killed. Diona was tossed from one foster home in chicago to the next, until a satyr she doesn't remember found her and brought her here. She immediately began to act like the normal pr/ck. But she loves her brother and sister, though they have certainly have their rought patches. She's been here for a year.

Other: Diona likes to fight with daggers, and is merciless about it. She doesn't like being set at a lower standard than everyone else just because she's young, so she works harder than everyone else to not be. She loves to horseback ride and climb the wall. Using her powers is something she also works at continuously.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) Name: Amber Joyner
Age: 8
Looks: Amber is medium build with thin arms and legs. Her brown hair flows in curls down her back, making it difficult to manage. Her hazel eyes glow softly from beneath her bangs. Her many freckles make her seem younger then she actually is.
Personality: Amber is sweet and kind, wanting everyone to feel at home. However, she's not without her jokes. Amber loves playing pranks on others, but only when they "deserve it". Her care-free personality draws friends and makes enemies
[Changes after a year]
Amber's sweet and naive character is slowly beginning to fade. She looks at her older siblings and tries to copy them. This stage in her life is sort of a roller coaster. One second, she could be laughing and helping you forget a troublesome memory and the next, she'll be having a tantrum. Amber's trying to figure out the wonderful ability Dionysus kids are born with. After witnissing Caspar's powers, she's had a growing desire to control and use them (with good intentions, of course)
Other: Amber is wonderful with a sword. Her small build makes her agile and able to quickly change directions in a split-second. Her willowy figure also helps during games when hiding is necessary.
Her mother is a wonderful cheif(sp?) and could make food that even a god wouldn't turn his nose down at.

Caspar: Amber's older brother is her role-model. Anything he does, she wants to try.

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Name: Rose Emily Katherine Copperstone
age: 19
appeareance: Nessie
stormy golden green eyes with a
hint of brown. Her hair is a wild dark brown that falls past her shoulders. She has an athletic build
with full lips.
Personality: Rose loves to make people smile, and loves to hear babies laugh. She tends to keep to herself, either just to look and observe the scenery, to think, or to imagine poems or stories that she might write. When she isn't thinking, Rose is out trying to make the world a better place. She likes making friends, but usually doesn't allow second chances. If she does give you a second chance, don't f*ck it up, she doesn't make a very nice enemy. Rose sees the world in a different view than most people. She is very observant of everything, and enjoys describing things.
Other: Rose's mother is a beer brewer, and that's where she met her father. She frowns upon her father, dissaproving of how he drinks, and she believes that he is a terrible role model. Of course, that doesn't stop her from having a sip if
wine every once in a while. Rose can throw daggers amazingly. She never misses a target. She also has a somewhat keen sense of fashion.
Also, she is interested in other languages and is very good at Spanish. It has been a dream of her's to learn Russian. She knows only a few words though.
This year after returning to camp half-blood, there's something a little different about Rose. She has two tattoos. One is a heart that is found on the small of her back. She probably won't tell you what the meaning of the first tattoo, she likes keeping it secret. Her second tattoo is a grape fine that encircles her wrist on her right wrist. There are a couple leaves poking out of the vine, but only one grape.
Rose's weapon of choice is a small, green fencing rapier. Ironically, her friend, Ajax told her to get that weapon.
just ignore the 'mom' and the banner on this tattoo. It was the best one I coukd find.
[image error]

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Name: Maricia Coleman

Age: 15

Appearence: She has dark hair which comes to her shoulders in tight curls. Her curly locks will never straighten no matter how much she tries. Her eyes are a dark,dark hazel brown. Her expression is often an easy-going smile. Her figure appears fragile and thin with thin but strong legs.

Personality: She is a bit too laid back, cramming all her work into a small amount of time. She loves to be at home, but also in new places. Despite her positiveness, she can be very sensitive. She wants to be loved and liked. She hates pressure, but is under its roof all the time. She wants to make others happy. When it is required, she can be very determined.

History: Maricia's mother was a drunk driver who shared her daughter's laziness. Her mother was a fustrated woman also and often scolded her daughter. At the age of six, Maricia began to have violin lessons. That was often a reason for her mother's scolding. Maricia and her mother got along well, so it was not too much of a surprise when Maricia ran away after one terrible day at the age of ten.

That day, the monsters were more numerous than usual and Maricia barely escaped home. She ran home in tears to find her mother angry about taxes. When her mother saw her, she went into rage and yelled at her. Maricia ran away in more tears during the night.

Maricia was soon found by a satyr who brought her immediately to Camp Half-Blood. She stayed there for two years until she decided to see her mother again. When she returned, she found her mother was not home. She stayed there for some time until someone came and told her about the car accident involving her drunk mother. Her mother died before Maricia could see her again. She received her belongings along with her mother's things and was sent back to Half-Blood Hill.

Despite her mother's lack of kindness, Maricia felt guilty for not being the daughter she should be. Therefore, she decided to do her best in learning to play the violin. Now and then, Maricia pushes it to the side, but she tries very hard to keep her promise to her mother.

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Name: Caspar van der Lewsen

Age 20, born January 9th

Appearance Built rather like a vine leaf – long and lanky, with a slouched posture, but with a surprising, wiry strength and a smoothly unpronounced muscular build. Caspar’s straight brown hair is shaggy and usually tousled – not because he spends hours in front of a mirror gelling it to perfection, but because he rarely glances in the mirror and sleeps late. This accounts for the stubble he always seems to have and the usually rumpled clothes, dressing very casually, often taking off what's on top of the pile of his closet. His appearance marks him as a dreamer right down to the smile until you get to eyes of such a piercing green, it’s only then you know for sure Dionysus’ insanity has touched this demigod in particular. The space under his eyes is usually a little bruised and hollow from late nights and for reasons unknown to everyone, his skin is always fair though he spends most of his time under the afternoon sun. His mouth is usually set in a mischievous grin.


Personality and History Ultimately, Caspar is playful and mischievous to the extreme, known for his wild nature and practical jokes. He loves to socialize and picks up gossip when he can, but he's not exactly an avid gossip-- too lackadaisical for that. Never counted on to plan, he’s impulsive and consistently inconsistent. He possesses a side-stitchingly funny sense of humour when in a good mood. When poking fun at people he rarely gets personal; if he does, he’s not one to apologize. You’ll get his apologies if he truly feels guilty for what he’s done – as for earning his forgiveness? This boy holds grudges.
And if you catch him in a bad mood? Think mega alcoholic without his daily fix, or a frat boy the day after a house party. He gets grouchy very quickly and it takes a lot to lift him out of that mood. Not many people can do it.
His mother met Dionysus when he visited her father’s vineyard in Germany. It was a whirlwind romance that ended with an abrupt pregnancy; Bridget was told of her lover’s true origins and was sent to camp so she could give birth peacefully. She left Caspar under protection of his father once he reached four years of age and now is happily married with twin girls. Caspar visits them on occasion, but Dionysus tends to be overprotective of him, seeing as Caspar has an eye for trouble, and forces him to stay in camp. What Caspar would like most is to see the world, which will be happening quite soon, as he’s just been offered a major position in a togas-and-sandals blockbuster.

Caspar is a stellar swordfighter and experienced with his father's type of magic. He can charm someone to intoxication or sleep planting the effects of wine in their minds, or make them do wild and reckless things. He is wild and reckless - some think he's touched with mild insanity, but it merely adds to his lovable charm. His celestial bronze, hand-and-a-half, sword is called Paranoia - Greek for insanity. It drives whoever it wounds insane, though this doesn't always work to his advantage if he wounds a powerful monster just enough to get it incredibly angry – and crazy.

Holly: An ex girlfriend who broke up with him shortly after his return from his first quest in which he, Carter, and Deitra defeated Queen Niobe. He is now by far over her, though he was very hurt initially.
Diona and his other siblings: Diona is one of his little sisters that he feels very strongly for. He tries helping whenever she's down, but doesn't always succeed. As for the rest of his siblings, as an amiable person, he likes and is well-liked by a lot of people, especially those in his cabin. He remains fiercely loyal to his cabin and feels ultimately disappointed with himself whenever he doesn't do a perfect job as older brother.
Various girls: Yeah, Caspar's dated around, but he's usually not the type to instigate a relationship - Holly was an exception, of course.
Others at camp: Caspar is known by everyone, as he spent his whole life there, and is well-liked by most.

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Blue | 19 comments Name: Vincent Elmsley
Looks: Shaggy straght blackish-brown hair and light blue eyes. Stands at about 5'11". His weght is about average. He usually wears a Camp Half Blood tee shirt and blue jeans and rarely can be seen with shorts on.
Personality: He is usually level-headed and kind.He is pretty hard to upset but if He gets pushed around He gets angry quickly.He is very good under pressure but he gets distracted easly.He is quite the jokester but he knows when to open his mouth and when its better to keep it closed.
Age: 13.
History: Vincent grew up in an orphanage in New York. His Father (Dionysus) left him on the doorstep of said orphanage at the age of one with only a note with his name and age on it. His mother died in childbirth. He was 9 when he was taken to Camp Half Blood by a school janitor who was in fact a satyr in disguise. He was claimed by Dionysus in front of the Big House that day. One day after coming back to the cabin He saw a large shield laying on his bunk with a note that said "Here, you might be able to use this."
Weapon: He has a large shield for his weapon.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Very interesting character, but I think you need some more detail still. Such as his personality, it's very sparce. Try something along the lines of "Vincent is uaually a hard person to make upset. He is usually upbeat with a winning smile forevery occasion. Only when he is insulted heavily does that smile dissapear and he becomes angry." And even then, we want to learn some more about him.

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I have to say, the quality of the physical character is actually more than we usually get around here. There are some minor mechanic mistakes, but some of the big ones are after every period there's a space, and 'His' is not a proper noun, so you only capitalize it at the beginning of a sentence.

Minor Grammar Errors Here
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