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Name: Anastasia

Looks: Has black short hair with bright blue eyes that twinkle ALOT (usually with mischief! (sp?). She is average and very skilled in everything she does (nearly). However, she dyed her hair, so her natural hair colour is a sandy-coloured blonde.
[image error]

Personality: like all Hermes duaghters, she is mischievous and is ok at everything.She is rather sensitives at how others react at stealing. For her, it's the way to go when she's upset.

Age: 16, but she has been at camp for six years.

Other: Weapons (and in order of skillage) : Archery, spears, swords. Her spear looks like a caduceus. At a twist , it transforms into her spear. She has the comapny of two metal snakes that are made to protect her. They come alive when she demands so, or when she is in mortal danger. Her spear also gives her the power to make an object (can not be alive) to fly. Becuawee she was first Herems Child at Camp, she is Counselor.
Surprisingly, Anastasia is also claustrophobic, and doesn't like to be in a room/place with lots of people. Sometimes, she also feels nauseous in romance. She just aint the type.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) Name: Jayson Alford
Age: 16
Looks: Jayson is quite tall and lean. He may not show any visable muscle, but he is strong. Jay's light brown hair tends to be messy and not well kept. His forest green eyes tend to show all emotions, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. His skin is a medium color (not tan, but not pale) with with mini freckles along his nose and cheeks.
Personality: Jayson is your stero-type class clown. He's not afraid to try something new that no one else will do. This may get him into trouble, but he doesn't care. Like so many other "Hermes kids", he has a crafty and persuasive side. His easy going personality helps him befriend many people. But if someone does cause him to get angry, no matter the scale, he holds a grudge. It takes a lot of work to make him forget an old offense.
Other: Jayson loves fighting and if he's not in the cabin, he's usually at the Fighting Field. His specialty is short range swordfighting. His slim build and nimble feet make it hard to defeat him.
His mother was a lovely woman with a strong personality and loving eyes. Suddenly, a school bully was revieled as a drachne. Jayson's mother helped distract the monster while he ran home. He waited for two days before deciding that his mom was gone. His anger and bitterness helped him as he faught his way to camp. Of course, he keeps these feelings in check, burried behind the pranks and jokes.

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Name: Bennett Park
Age: 16 turns 17 July 20th
Looks: A mischievous smirk plasters Bennett's face as does a playful glint in his dark, silvery green eyes. He's got short, bright orange hair, complete contrast with his green eyes. A mistake by his dear mother caused his hair turn bright orange, and away from it's original raven black.
Personality: Like virtually ever other one of his half-siblings, Bennett has a carefree sort of act. At times, he may seem like he doesn't care, and in truth, he is a touch bit ignorant when it cones to things like that. However, he is quite cunning when it comes to strategizing.
Other: Bennett does not stay year-round and has been at camp for six years. He specializes in sword fighting and hand-to-hand (better phrase out there somewhere) combat.

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Name: Eric Jimothy Brown
age: 17
looks: Eric has a well muscled body. He has a square jaw which goes perfectly with his stocky build. His hair is a soft brown, which he mouses to perfection every day. He has piercing brown eyes that usually spark with mischeif. He has thin, pale lips and a long hooked nose. Oh. His skin is also pale. Almost creamy.
personality: Eric, like most Hermes children, is a child that is full of mischeif. He loves to play trucks on people. His favorite is stealing the Aphrodite children's makeup. It's makes his day to see someone suprised, then see their face as they become angry. When he gets caught, he takes his punishment with a laugh, and doesn't argue. He's friendly, despite his Hermes side. He may be able to stump people easily, but he can charm them just as easily too. He has a winning personality, and can humor people with witty jokes. Though a lot of people don't trust him because of his father, and they shouldn't.
Other: Eric is a skilled mountain climber, seeing as he is from the rocky mountains area. He also has talents in sword fighting, and he can also create something beautiful once he is inspired. Eric was indeed born in the Rocky Mountains area. He lived with his mother and her steady boyfriend. Once when he was climbing by himself, a gryffin attacked him, almost killing him. He returned home, the gryffin chasing him, but he had the head start. His mother saw him, and started driving as soon as she could get him in the car. She knew that there was nothing she coukd do for her son, and did her best to explain everything to him. He couldn't follow along because he was passing out. Once at camp, his mother blew him a kiss, and left. She missed him immensly still, but Eric doesn't return home most of the time. He loves camp too much, and his now step-dad isn't a big fan if him. He has a long scar on his muscle packed stomach from the gryffin, but he hides it and hasn't shown it to anyone. Yet.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 4139 comments Name: Madel Madeline Quintup
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Looks: Madel is your typical french goddess.
Her eyes are a deep hazel, a twisted blend of the ocean, the forest, and the moon. She has, what they call, a "Rainbow in her eyes".
Her skin is a light peach and her finger nails are ALWAYS painted either red or a light cream. She is usually wearing make-up to cover her blemishes.
She is about 5'4" and has a carved neck and boney fingers.

Personality: She is perky and up-tight. Your typical girly-girl, Madel is perfectly punctual and has a knack for imported goods. She has a collection of gourmet china imported form China and loves to do French Tea Parties with it. Being as gullable as she is, she'll believe anything. Madel is proper and is quick to correct. She will gove you her signiture glare if you are about to and or doing an improper action. She has her ways around trouble and loves to get in it, even hough it may not look that way. She tries her hardest to impress and use proper etiquette.
History: Madel had gone to a disiplinary school as a in France. She found the ways of the wise facinating. Her mom thoguht she should cut loose and sent her here for the rest of the year.

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Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Name: Michelle
Age: 15

[image error]

She has sandy blonde hair, wavy whenever she doesn't iron it. She prefers to let it loose and put a flower in it. She has fair skin, but sometimes she tans it. SHe has warm brown eyes. She is particulary homely and plain except for her wide grin and loud laugh that can be heard all around her cabin.
Personality: She likes to break rules ocasionally but not too much, which makes her disagree with most of her siblings. She is a little inmature but is quite sincere and honest in expressing herself. She likes to think a lot (she takes college courses of Philosophy even if she's not in college yet) but she doesn't show her diary which is filled with her favorite quotes and sincere opinions of life. She likes to draw nature. She sucks at drawing people, however.
Other: She keeps a parakeet, September. The parakeet has green feathers and Michelle usually keeps it on her shoulder.

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Name: Andrea

Age: 14

Looks: Anne has clear blue eyes which often have a playful look. A smirk or grin plays on her lips when she is amused. When she is tentative, she has a small smile. Andrea appears innocent with her raised eyebrows- which match her wavy, dirty blond hair-arching over her eyes. Her hair reaches below her shoulders. Andrea is thin with dramatic curves in her hips and long legs.

Personality: Andrea is playful and sometimes troublesome. Her pranks and words often get her into trouble. If someone dares her, she is happily willing to do so for her own amusement as well as others'. Andrea believes everyone should have a good laugh and is forever trying to make others happy. She does not care what others think of her, but she likes to think everyone is her friend- including the short-tempered demi-gods like the Ares children.

Other: Andrea prefers to use a dagger over her sword. Her dagger was a good-bye gift from her mother who sacrificed her life to to save her from monsters.

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) Name: Kaley

Age: 17

Looks: Short hair that ends at her chin and flares out. She frequently dyes strips of her hair red, gold, green, blue, pink, and any other color that isn't her natural black. She keeps most of her hair at her natural color. She only wears flared pants and cute tops, which vary in range, with only the exception of her pajamas for when she sleeps. She has dark, piercing blue eyes. She's not short but neither is she tall. She has a very slim build and as a result, she can easily slip through small spaces.

Personality: Kaley travels a lot when she's not at camp, and enjoys it very much. She reads a lot, but only so she can pull off her thefts and pranks even better, and occasionly to keep her out of the hands and jaws of monsters. She laughs pretty easily, but isn't the best person to be around when mad. Most of the time when she's angry, people don't even know it, which makes their lot even worse.

Other: Kaley has taken several years of martial art classes and has earned a black belt. Although she has some practice with a sword and can fend a monster off with it if she has too, she prefers her celestial bronze whip, a gift from Hera after completing a quest. It's disgized as a ribbon in her hair, and she never goes anywhere with out it. Sometimes she stays at camp for the year, sometimes she doesn't, it varies. Most years she travels the world and has developed her drawing talent so she wouldn't forget all of the beautiful sights she finds. It has only been a couple of years that she's actually stayed at camp the whole time and she makes sure to drop in during the year, whenever she needs a break from all of the monsters.

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Zora ☺☆(Αυγή, the light goddess) wrote: "Name:Milo Sobesky
Looks: black hair
Personality:mischievous, sneaky, light and speedy
Other: Super good at Capture the flag."

Annabeth wrote: "Name: Jade Brown
Looks: Long brown hair (always in a ponytail.) Her eyes are green.
Personality: Mischevous, clever, and outgoing.
Age: 8
Other: Is ok in archery, but really good in sword fight..."


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Character deleted.
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Elena (elenameira) Name: Amira (Ami for short)

Looks:Black hair to the middle of her back (just past her shoulders), sky blue eyes (sometimes you can see clouds moving in them. When she's angry, you see lightning bolts. When she's sad you see rain.) Like all Hermes' Kids she has elfish features (high cheek bones, small straight nose) and always sports a mischievous smirk/ glint in her eyes. Long slender fingers, (and body! perfect figure) 5'3 & 3/4 in height. 94 lbs.

Personality: Shy if you don't know her, but she pulls pranks on anyone. She's surprisingly strong for her age, (can beat up three grown men at once!) She's very protective of her friends and family. She's good at almost anything, but her heart is set in acting. She dreams of going around the world as a famous actress but with the monsters chasing her, that may never happen. She rarely cries in public, only her most trusted friends see her cry (and she doesn't cry over nothing!) She's courageous and caring and will risk her life for those she loves. Hard to say no to, she's very persuasive. She lives year round since her mom went missing. She's been going to camp for three years. She loves all of her siblings and looks up to the older ones while looking out for the younger ones. (or less experienced.) She doesn't care who's demigod you are so long as you're nice to her siblings. If you're mean to any of them, she'll make you regret it.

Age: 15 (D.O.B. October 17)

Other: Amira is incredibly fast and flexible. (full split, back bridge, you name it!) She's not as good with a sword, better with a knife. She prefers to be the sneaky one pulling the strings rather than the knight sitting on the horse (thinker/planner). She's a great shot with a bow, but prefers hand-to-hand combat. She sketches but doesn't think she's very good (despite what others say). She loves heights and is afraid of only a few things: clowns, falling/ disappointing her family/friends, hospitals (or anything to do with dissection.)

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Amanda | 22 comments Name: Saira
Age: 14
Looks: She has bright red hair that goes to her cheeks. She has bright pink lips and dark blue eyes. She almost always wears a purple and black striped jacket. She always wears a silver ring necklace. She has high cheek bones that are very rosy compared to her extremely pale skin.
Personality: She is very quiet usually and very nimble. She loves anyone that is nice to her and only steals from those who deserve it. She loves to talk to anyone who will talk to her. She doesn't like to do anything that has to do with school. She loves to run and was the best in her track and cross country team. Unfortunately she is also very good at running away when she is mad. She never shows her feelings if she can.
Other: Her favorite weapon is a dagger that she hides in her coat for emergencies. She loves being a child of Hermes and she likes her mom more than anyone. If anyone says anything bad about her parents could end up in a bloody fight. She was an only child before she came to camp. She never went any place new but makes it her life ambition to travel the world.

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Matt | 4 comments Name-Seth
Looks: He's about 5'7 very slender. At first look he seems athletic but he's more of a shut-in. He has unkept shoulder length golden blonde hair. He has very deep brown eyes. He has very fair pale skin. Of course he has the mischievous smile. The brand of hermes.

Personality: Seth is a very impulsive child. As you can guess it got him in trouble in school frequently. He's not a person that will often say no to things. He jumped from school to school only staying for a year or so. His attention span is close to nothing and often turns to stealing when he gets bored.
Seth just recently found out about his godly father and is now staying year round at camp half blood for fear that his mother might be harmed. He loves everything about camp from the late day sword play to the sounds of monsters in the forest at night. He is not too shaby with a sword but prefers a simple knife as it is easy to conseal. All together seth is a laid back guy. A great friend but a horrible enemy.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Name: Brianna


Personality: She is a great actor. But she only uses her acting skills to seem normal when stealing and pickpocketing. She is very fun loving, at least when it comes to making fun of people. She loves to hand out with friends, but usually, she'll end up stealing from them and thus, ruining the friendship. She prefers to have a dagger with her at all ties but loves to sword fight.

Age: 13 (that's the youngest that they can be, right?)

Other: She is an orphan. Her mo died after she was born, so she had to live in an orphanage. She ran away at 10 and met her protector, Ginny. They ran into a lot of trouble, but she finally reached Camp at 12. She stayed in Hermes cabin, and later found out that that's where she belongs!

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