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Claire was stuck in the desert again. She could'nt believe she let her evil archnemisis, Robert Snoodle, trick her again using the classic "let's be friends" act. She continued to trudge through sand. She stopped to look at the blistering sun above and sighed. "I really need an ice cream cone." she said

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Claire squinted and noticed a woman sitting on a really fat camel. She proceed to pull out her inflatable canoe and paddle and paddled toward the stranger.

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Claire continued to paddle until she spotted a man walking toward her. She stopped and shouted"Hey want a lift? I have to stop by the McDonalds to get an ice cream cone."

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"It kinda stinks that they only serve vanilla."said Claire.She grabbed the paddle and proceeded to row up a really, really, really tall hill. She got about 1 ft up the hill when she started to roll back down again."This is'nt going to work!" she sighed. Claire hopped out of the canoe and pulled out an inflatable pickup and tow line. "Now I pull us up the hill". she said as she got in. "Rats!" she said "We're out of gas!"

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Ellie ((silly songs with larry! You know how much I love VeggiTales!))

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Claire gave James a grateful look. "Thanks!" she said "but unfortunately the nearest gas station is over 500 miles away". Don't worry I have my inflatable gas can with inflatable gas." Claire and James finally made it to the McDonalds. "Hey its that stange lady I saw on the hill!" said Claire surprised as she looked through the restaurant window. She noticed a deflated camel in the parking lot.

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"It looks like shes taken over the restaurant and for some reason she was able to do it with a squirt gun!" Claire said to James She pulled out her inflatable shotgun and duel pistols and burst through the door. "Stop right where you are crazy lady! she shouted

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Claire rolled to avoid the dreaded squeaky hammmer but ended up rolling into a table. "Fear me" she yelled and then pulled out her inflatable light saber complete with working lights and sound.

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Claire could'nt believe her eyes. "The dreaded Schwartz underwear! It can't be!" she gasped "Good thing Rovbert Snoodle does'nt own a pair of those" she thought. She knew she had to jam the Schartz power so she whipped out a jar of raspberry jam and threw it at the strange lady.

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"Rats!" Claire said She was all out of weapons Unless... she thought no i promised myself that I would never use that but I guess it's the only thing I have left. She pulled out her giant inflatable Care Bear with heat vision. "Meet Mega Bear" she said with a grin.

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((hey give me a break. im running out of funny things))

Claire was all out of weapons again "Who are you?" she asked clearly defeated.

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"Gena!" Claire gased "as in Robert Snoodle's assitant. It can't be." (cue dramatic music)

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Claire did'nt know what to do next. "Well at least we could still get an ice cream cone" she said

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"Thats not fair!" said Claire outraged "You have to share!" She turned to James "Please make her share." she said in whiney voice "I want ice cream now!" Claire started to jump up and down and throw a temper tantrum.

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"Cool where did you get the neat poisonous fangs? I want some too!" said Claire jumping up and down excitedly and totally forgetting that James asked her a question.

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"Wow really! Can we go get some? Pretty pleas with cherries on top." said Claire who was totally obilvious

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"No sorry I don't I only have an inflatable Build A Bear Workshop." said Claire disappointed

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"yeah sure if thats what floats your boat" said Claire

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"Oh thats ok. I don't like attacking women either." said Claire.

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"Maybe she has short term memory loss so lets get ice cream while we can!" Claire sais enthusiastically.

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"Claire walked up to the counter."OK I want one vanilla ice cream cone please. said Claire The worker handed her the ice cream cone and she noticed something about it. "Hey! This ice cream cone has Robert Snooddle's logo on it! He must own the restuarant!" said Claire with a gasp

((Robert Snoodle is Claire's evil arch nemesis just in case you forgot.))

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Claire licked the ice cream to test it and stuck her tongue out. "It's not poisonous but it tastes like sour milk!" Claire said as she started licking James trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

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“Oh she's so evil!” gasped Claire

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“Quick lets get out of here!” said Claire

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Claire stopped dead in her tracks. “Let's go find the emergency exit!” she said

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“Wait!” Claire said “I have an idea!” She pulled out a can of warp dust “To Burger King!

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“Robert Snoodle!” Claire gasped “Get back.” she warned James “The pen he's going to use to sign his autograph is probably springloaded with really hard jellybeans or something.”

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((i can be Robert Snoodle too))

R.S thought for a moment. “I want the world and an ice cream cone!” he said as laughed evily

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Claire was flabbergasted. She could'nt believe her only friend wanted to high five the enemy. “Don't fall for his evil tricks!” she shouted as she jumped through the air and landed on top of James.

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“It's ok. I fall for his tricks all the time but he did'nt get me this time.” said Claire

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“Um I don't know” said Claire “Let's put on our thinking caps.” She pulled out a baseball cap that said “Brain time is fun time!” on the front and put it on.

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“I have an idea!” Claire said “We will have a dual!” she said as she took out her inflatable light saber once again.

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“Well I was going to have dual with Snoodle but I guess I will to take you down first.” Claire said to Gena

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“Bring it on crazy lady!” cried Claire

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((thats really funny! *giggles a lot*))

Claire felt confident. There was no way Gena could defeat both of them.

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Claire bopped Gena on the head with her light saber. "Take that!" she cried

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"Ok Im getting really tired." said Claire panting "Do we hasve any stronger weapons?" she asked James

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Claire was at loss for words as she watched James who about to pummel Gena with a book. " That reminds me, I should find a bookstore when we get out of here so I have something to read." she thought

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“Blast!” cried Claire “I'm all out of weapons!” She turned to James “Unless you have more?”

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Claire ran after Gena and grabbed a giant Twizzler rope and made a lasso. She swung the lasso and got Gena. "HA!" Claire cried "I got her!"

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"Great!" said Claire in excitement "You tie her up with real rope and throw her in my inflatable canoe and I will throw her deflated camel in the trash."

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Claire threw the camel in the trash and ran back to help James. "I got her other arm!" Claire said as she helped James wrestle Gena back into the canoe. She tied Gena up tight.

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"Yeah lets get going!" said Claire as she started to row away.

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"Ugh!" said Claire in frustration. "This crazy lady is really attached to that deflated piece of plastic." She looked in Gena's direction and shouted "Fine you can bring your silly camel if you promise to stay and remain quiet in the boat."

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Claire pounced on Gena and took Barbara back yet again. She threw Barbara in the garbage disposal(a really big garbage disposal) and then turned to help James to his feet. "Are you ok?" she asked. She turned to look at Gena who was still on the ground. "I don't know what to do with that crazy lady anymore. She just popped my canoe. Oh well" She took out an even bigger inflatable canoe amd hopped in.

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"I can't believe she fooled me!" cried Claire as she struggled against the ropes.

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Meanwhile Claire pulled out her inflatable knife and tried to cut the ropes.

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"What do we do?" asked Claire in a panic and then an idea came to her. "I still have a little bit of warp dust left where do you want to go?" she asked James

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"To Mars!" Claire shouted and James and Claire vanished.

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"Don't worry!" Claire said between gasps. "I brought inflatable oxygen masks!" She handed James a mask and put her own on.

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