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message 1: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments OK just starting this to keep track of books for the my reading challenges.

message 2: by Mary C (last edited Jul 12, 2010 05:35PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Book title

Proven Guilty/Jim Butcher<>Guilty Pleasures/Laura-lee Ghurke (have?)<>

Cocaine Blues/Phryne Fisher <>
Down Home Zombie Blues/Linnea Sinclair <>
Deep Down <>Karen Harper <>
Dont Look Down/Suzanne Enoch <>
Tie Me UP, Tie Me Down <>
All Keyed Up/Mary Stella <>
All Wrapped Up <>
The Big Bad Wolf Tells All/Donna Kauffman <>
A Storm for All Seasons:Summer Heat/Jaci Burton <> Storm's Faeries/Jory Strong <>
Storm Glass/Maria Snyder <>
Riding The Storm/Sydney Croft <>
Riding The Thunder/Debora Macgillivray <>
Riding Wild/Jaci Burton<>
Wild Rain/Christine Feehan <>
Wild Heat/Bella Andre <>
Burnign Wild/Christine Feehan <>
Mustang Wild/Stacey Kayne <>
Wild Instinct/Sarah McCarty <>
Wild Mountain Thyme/Rosamund Pilcher <>
Burning Wild/Christine Feehan <>
Ace is Wild/Penny McCall <>
A Heart So Wild/Johanna Lindsay <>
Wild Thing/(anthol)
The Wild Sight/Loucinda McGarry <>
In My Wild Dream/Sasha Lord <>
Lady Katherne's Wild Ride/Jeane Westin <>
The Conqueror's Lady/Terri Brisbin<>
A Lady At Last/Brenda Joyce <>Also works in Ghost thread
My Lady English/Catherine March <>
The Wedding Night of an English Rogue/Jillian Hunter <>The Seduction of an English Lady/Cathy Maxwell <>The Spymaster's Lady/Joanna Bourne <>
A Lady of His Own/Stephanie Laurens <>
Gray Hawke's Lady/Karen Kay<>
Lady of the Glen <>Jennifer Roberson <>
The Lion's Lady/Julie Garwood <>
Lady of Scandal/Nicole Byrd <>
Lady of Conquest<>Theresa Medieros <>
Luck Be a Lady/Betina Krahn <>
Wayward Lady/ Nan Ryan <>
A Lady Betrayed/Nicole Byrd <>
Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady/Bronwyn Scott <>Shield's Lady/Jayne Ann Krentz <>
My Lady's Champion <> Clair Delacroix

message 3: by Mary C (last edited Jul 29, 2010 02:52PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Possible chains from my TBR: ** Means Chain connectors

Book Title Chain:

**Dark Prince/Eve Silver>>
***Dark Seduction/Brenda Joyce>>
Dark Rival/Brenda Joyce>>
After Dark>>Jayne Castle>>
Through A Dark Mist/Marsha Canham >>
**My Dark Prince/Julia Ross>>
Dark and Deadly/Jeanne Adams>>
A Thin Dark Line/Tami Hoag>>
Darkfever/Karen Marie Moning>>
Dark Defender/Alexis Morgan>>

message 4: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 04:09PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Prince:

**My Dark Prince/Julia Ross
How To Propose To A Prince/Kathryn Caskie
Prince of Thieves/Saranne Dawson
**The Pirate Prince/Connie Mason
**The Raven Prince/Elizabeth Hoyt (need from booksfree)
The Leopard Prince/Elizabeth Hoyt (have)
The Serpent Prince/Elizabeth Hoyt (booksfree queue)
**Prince Charming/Julie Garwood (Charming Jo-Laura Drewry)
**Prince of Danger/Amanda Scott
**Dark Prince/Eve Silver
He's No Prince Charming/Luanne McClane

message 5: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 01:10PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments White:

White Heather/Jaclyn Reding (enroute from booksfree)
**White Knight/Jaclyn Reding (in TBR)
Murder In The White House/Margaret Truman
White Orchid/Linda Ladd
**White Dawn/Susan Edwards
White Tigress/Jade Lee

message 6: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 09:50PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Highland

A Highland Christmas/MC. Beaton >>A Christmas Journey Anne Perry
**Highland Captive/Susan Tanner
Highland Fling/Tess Malory
Highland Rose/Catherine Linden
Highland Fling/Jane Justine
Highland Surrender/Dawn Halliday
Highland Obsession/Dan Halliday
**30 Nights With a Highland Husband/Melissa Mayhue
Highland Guardian/Melissa Mayhue
**Highland Scoundrel/Monica McCarty

message 7: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 01:29PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Highlander

The Highlander's Sword/Amanda Forester(can connect to Sword of The Highlands)
A Highlander for Christmas/Sandy Blair
Claiming The Highlander/Kinley Macgregor
A Highlander Christmas/Janet Chapman
Secrets of the Highlander/Janet Chapman
Only With a Highlander/Janet Chapman
Tempting The Highlander/Janet Chapman
Wedding the Highlander/Janet Chapman

message 8: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Death

Death of a Dustman/MC Beaton (booksfree queue)
Death of a Celebrity/MC Beaton (tbr)
Death of a Village/MC Beaton (tbr)
Death of a Poison Pen/MC Beaton (library hold)
Death of a Dreamer/MC Beaton (library hold)
Death of a Maid/MC Beaton (L-hold)
Death of a Gentle Lady/MC Beaton (tbr)
Death of a Witch/MC Beaton (L-hold)
Death of a Valentine/MC Beaton (release?)
Death is a Cabaret/Deborah Morgan
Death on the Family Tree/Patricia Sprinkle
Brush with Death/Hailey Lind
A Beautfiful Blue Death/Charles Finch
Death's Door/Meryl Sawyer

message 9: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 04:01PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Seduction:

**The Seduction of an Eglish Lady/Cathy Maxwell
The Seduction/Julia Ross
The Perfect Seduction/Leslie Lafoy
The Seduction of His Wife/Janet Chapman
Seduction/Amanda Quick


Sheer Pleasures/Stella Cameron
Pleasures of the Night/Sylvia Day
Season of Pleasure: Summer & Autumn/Anya Bast

message 10: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 03:08PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments After

After Hours/Jodi Lynn Copeland
**After Dark/Jayne Castle
After Glow/Jayne Castle
Forever After/Catherine Anderson


A Thin Dark Line/Tami Hoag
Line of Fire/Jo Davis
Over The Line/Cindy Gerard
The Hot Line/Cathryn Fox

message 11: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 03:48PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Through:

Through the Grinder/Cleo Coyle
**Through a Dark Mist/Marsha Canham


**The Pirate Prince/Connie Mason
The Pirate Next Door/Amanda Ashley
The Pirate Bride/Shannon Drake
A Pirate of Her Own/Kinley Macgregor
A Pirates Love/Johanna Lindsey
Pirate's Princess/Constance O'Banyon
Pirates Mistress/Marianne Lacroix

message 12: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Deadly:

**Deadly Night/Heather Graham
Deadly Harvest/Heather Graham
Deadly Gift/Heather Graham
**Deadly Game/Christine Feehan
Deadly Love/Brenda Joyce
Deadly Pleasures/BJ
Deadly Affairs/DJ
Deadly Desire/DJ
Deadly Caress/DJ
Deadly Promise/DJ
Deadly Illusions/DJ
Deadly Kisses/DJ
**Dark and Deadly/Jeanne Adams

message 13: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 04:16PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments GAME

**Night Game/Christine Feehan
Conspiracy Game/Christine Feehan
**Deadly Game/Christine Feehan
Predatory Game/Christine Feehan
**Murder Game/Christine Feehan
Street Game/Christine Feehan


White Knight/Jaclyn Reding
Secrets of the Knight/Julia Latham
A Knight's Captive/Linsay/Townsend
The Maiden And Her Knight/Margaret Moore
My Lady Knight/Jocelyn Kelley

message 14: by Mary C (last edited Jul 11, 2010 04:13PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments DANGER

Some Danger Involved/Will Thomas
**Prince of Danger/Amanda Scott
Into Danger/Genita Low
Danger In a Red Dress/Christina Dodd

On a Wicked Dawn/Stephani Laurens
The Dawn Star (Catherine Asaro)
Thunder At Dawn/Jill Gregory
Glorious Dawn/Dorothy Garlock
**White Dawn/susan edwards
Dawn Encounter/Jennifer Blake)

message 15: by Mary C (last edited Jul 12, 2010 05:36PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Ghost Walk/Heather Graham
The Ghost & The Dead Deb/Alice Kimberly
The Ghost & The Dead Man's Library/AK
The Ghost & The Femme Fatale/AK
Ghost At Work/Carolyn Hart
The Ghost & The Haunted Mansion/AK
Ghost of a Chance/Yasine Galenorne
A Game Of Chance/Linda Howard
Last Chance Ranch/Cynthia Sterling
The Last Smythe/Barbara Sharpe
The Last T'en/Cory Daniels
A Lady At Last/Brenda Joyce then connect to Lady thread.

message 16: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Black-Ice-Hot-Red-Danger-Into-Fire

The Black Sheep & the Hidden Beauty/Donna Kauffman
The Black Sheep & the English Rose/Donna Kauffman
Nights in Black Satin/Noelle Mack
Black Silk/Judith Ivory
Confessions of a Little Black Gown/Elizabeth Boyle
The Black Diamond/Andrea Kane
The Best of Jaid Black/Jaid Black
Black Ice/Anne Stuart
Cold as Ice/Anne Stuart
Ice Blue/AS
Ice Storm/AS
Fire and Ice/AS
Lord of Ice/Gaelen Foley
Hot Ice/Cherry Adair
Never To Hot/Bella Andre
Hot Stuff/Carly Phillips
Hot Spell/anthol
Hot and Bothered/anthol
Hot Ticket/anthol
The Hot Line/Cathryn Fox
Hot and Heavy/Sandra Hill
Hot Blooded/anthol
Red Hot Reunion/Bella Andre
Remembering Red Thunder/Sylvia Kurtz
Blood Red/Sharon Page
Red Headed Step Child/Jaye Wells
Behind the Red Door/Jacky Barbosa
Red Velvet/Noelle Mack
Danger In a Red Dress/Christina Dodd
Some Danger Involved/Will Thomas
Price of Danger/Amanda Scott
Into Danger/Gennita Low
Into The Fire/Anne Stuart
Lord of Fire/Gaelen Foley
Wild Western Fire/Kathryn Hocket
Knight of Fire/Shannon Drake
Hidden Fire/Jo Davis
Line of Fire/Jo Davis
Playing With Fire/Victoria Thompson
Winter Fire/Jo Beverley
Emerald Fire/Phoebe Conn
Caress of Fire/Martha Hix
Night Fire/Vonna Harper
Dancing With Fire/Susan Kearney

message 17: by Mary C (last edited Jul 21, 2010 08:46PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments Honor to Heart to Captive to Highland-Christmas?

Hidden Honor/Anne Stuart
Knave's Honor/Margaret Moore
Heat of Honor/Kat Martin
Renegade's Heart/Stoby Piel
Untie My Heart/Judith Ivory
Always In My Hearth/Catherine Anderson
Still In My Hearth/Kathryn Smith
A Heart So Wild/Johanna Lindsey
Heart of Thunder/JL
McKettrick's Heart/LLM
Trick My Truck But Don't Mess With My Heart/L Mclane
Warrior's Heart/Georgina Gentry
Captive Heart/Cheryl Reavis
Captive/Heather Graham
The Viking's Captive/Julia Byrne
Captive/Joan Johnston
His Captive//Diana Crosby
A Knight's Captive/Lindsay Townsend
Highland Captive/Susan Tanner
A Highland Christmas-MC Beaton

message 18: by Mary C (last edited Aug 01, 2010 06:37AM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 1100 comments I decided I better list my challenges so I don't forget them.

RRR1: Word and Title relays

Cover, Covers, Covers

JR Ward August Challenge

SOS group: 1st in a series challenge

SOS: 1 Spy Challenge

Nother But Reading Challenges: 9-12 TBR books in August.

Whose Your Author: Read a Christine Feehan book in August

Bodice Rippers Anon: Sold into Slavery-read 1 in August.

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