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I'm challenging myself to read 30 books by next June, i'm currently reading My boring ass life by Kevin Smith, so once i've finished that i'll be on one! I'm not going to include graphic novel's in this because i read plenty of them and its a challenge to stop reading them.

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So I finished my first book and it was wonderful, while a lot of the book might only be on interest to his fans me and my shawdow was worth it alone. The story of how his best friend Jason Mewes kicked heroin its so affecting I almost cried.

So now i'm reading Persopolis which i'm not including since its a grahpic and i'm almost finished so i'll post my new book in the next few days.

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have started me talk pretty one day, so i'm on number 2... of 30

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Finished me talk pretty one day, really funny in some places, not up to as much in others

Also read holiday's on ice by the same author which as a shorter book felt more streamlined.

Finsihed Iron angel by alan campbell too.

so 4 down and i've no idea hwat to read next

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