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((have fun! you can use the same charries or make a new one just say it's for #2))

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Taipa ran through the woods, her night gown tattered and torn from low hanging branches. Her wings were inching to takeoff but she knew she had to get farther. Finally, the sound she had been waiting for and dreaded rang in her ears, the alarm. She leaped into the air as the woods began to fill with hate crazed erasers, but they would never catch her, she was already to far gone.

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Taipa felt amazing, she was rid of the school and flyin' high

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"i hope the others made it out"

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"huh?" i looked down and noticed another mutant running from the school. I flew lower to get a closer look, but didn't land

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"Hi" i replied, whos the kid with the attitude?

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i almost forgot to flap. "wait you can read my mind!"

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" let me think, i escaped the pit of hell and then was graced to meet one of its little demons" i retorted

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i began to hear the baying of dogs in the distance. i knew i had plenty of time to get away but what about the other mutant? "how fast can you run?"

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"well get a move on!" as the hounds got closer. I sped off ahead not looking to see if he was following me or not.

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((oops forgot the s))
I took a deep breath and plunged into a nearby lake

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Crap! The erasers had already caught up. I sprang from the water and shot down at least a dozon with my feathers (can turn steel-hard and shoot from wings, also works as protective sheild) before taking off into the sunset

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