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((have fun! you can use the same charries or make a new one just say it's for #2))

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Aroha (Arohaaa) | 7 comments Nora wore a pretty green Rosarito Tunic. It complemented her brown eyes. Her hair fell below her shoulders in long subtle waves of dark brown. She was stretched out on her back daydreaming while looking up at the clear blue sky. As far as she knew, no-one else was aware of this opening in the middle of this forest. She relaxed & closed her eyes

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Kisa Sighed... It had been a long day. She was an elf, trying to fit in with the real world, Sort of, And so was her sister, Alumi. They Were both shape-shifter elves, born into a normal family. Their mom was an Elf princess, Taking to a normal life, and their dad- their dad was just CLUELESS. Only Alumi was NOT trying to hide. She was a stalker. Of kisa. Kisa looked out the window, towards the woods, and then felt something wet on her foot. It was only her wolf- dog hybrid puppy, Nudge. ((file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings...))

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((you guys please do this!))

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