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Werner | 1815 comments We've had some discussion in the past about whether a thread like this would be helpful, both for newer members and older ones, and the consensus was that it would be. So, here's a thread just to orient you a bit to the group and its page(s), and give you an idea of what sorts of things are here and where to find them. This thread is closed to comments (since it's not really a discussion thread), but if you have suggestions for additional content, please post them on the "Suggestions for SFR Group Improvements" thread!

First off, the main feature here is the discussion boards (which, if you're reading this, you've found already!). If you just like to read the posts, that's fine; we're not a group that requires you to comment. But we'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions, etc.! Our definition of "supernatural" tends to be broad and inclusive, rather than exclusive; and all opinions are welcome and respected (we just ask that you extend the same respect to others). You can comment on existing threads, or start a new one if you want; if you put it in the wrong folder, Deb or I will move it to the right one. There's no such thing here as "wrong" ideas or "stupid" questions! :-)

One popular thread is "Introduce Yourselves." You don't have to check in there; but if you'd like to tell us a bit about yourself and your background and tastes as they pertain to supernatural fiction, we'd love to get to know you! Down in the Miscellaneous folder, we also have a "Getting to Know Each Other" thread, where you can chat about things other than the supernatural. If you're an author, you can tell us about your work in the Group Members Who Write folder.

You'll notice we have a Common Reads folder, where the current or past discussions of books we're reading as a group are posted. We currently do an annual common read every October, and anyone who wants to suggest a book for that, on this thread: , is welcome to at any time! Participation in those is strictly voluntary, not required. We also have a thread where you can try to line up a buddy read, if you prefer to share a reading experience on a more limited scale.

When you're reading a work of supernatural fiction, this is the thread where you can tell us about it: . (Many of us like to keep posted on what others are reading, and it's a good place to get ideas!) There's another thread in the same folder for recommending authors and works you've read in the past. Another place to post these is on the group "Read" (past tense) shelf, in the bookshelf section. ANY member can post books to the bookshelves, and you can reach them by scrolling down to below the Members section; but the quicker way is to use the quick link in the menu of quick links at the upper right (as you face the screen) corner of our homepage. That menu is the standard one for Goodreads groups, and it's the fastest way to navigate the group site. So far, we've never had anything (that I can recall) listed in Events, and don't have anything in Photos; Polls are rare, and if we have one I'll post something about it on the discussion boards.

The Members link will take you to the full list of group members (we're well over 1,800 strong by now!), with links that can take you to each of our profiles (if they're public). You can browse members shelves, as well as our group bookshelves, for great reading ideas. And looking over people's profiles may be a good way of meeting new friends, if you're wanting to expand your circle.

If your Goodreads settings are the usual ones, you'll get a daily update on all the posts in the different topics of this group, as well as an e-mailed notice if someone else comments on a thread where you also have posted. Following these is a good way to keep abreast of what's going on currently; but there's a lot of meat in the older posts, too. My suggestion is to read or skim back through the threads that look interesting to you, as time permits. That'll help you get to know the ideas and tastes of some of your fellow members, and give you a feel for the kinds of discussions that come up. And you may find a thread
--even one that hasn't been commented on in awhile-- where you think of something you want to add to it!

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let Deb or I know; as your moderators, we're here to serve you. Thanks for joining us! I think this is a fascinating genre of literature (obviously, or I wouldn't have started this group!); and I hope you have a great time on here, and in the rest of your Goodreads experience!

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Werner | 1815 comments Authors! Welcome! If you write supernatural fiction, please start a topic for yourself in our "Members Who Write" folder, here: , and put your books on our group bookshelf. You can let us know about you and your work in the "Introduce yourselves" topic, too. Above all, please participate in the discussions. You read a lot in the genre and study other books, so your opinions are of great interest to us; and it's a good way to help group members get to know you.

Please, keep promotions reasonable and honest - don't bend every conversation into a plug for your book & don't try to inflate discussion or voting for your book through the use of fake members or temporary members. We suggest you read through the "Author Self-Promotion: Pros & Cons" thread, here: . That will give you some tips on what we, the readers, like or dislike.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in one of the topics or message one of the moderators, myself or Deb.

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