The Reasons Why you wrote your book or books discussion

I write to make people think and to LAUGH!

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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin Matott (justinmatott) | 1 comments I have been writing and publishing for about 11 years. I write books for all ages and generally write the kind of kid's books that my boys wanted to read and that I would have read as a boy. Lots of laughter and adventure. Please check them out at or here.

Cheers, Justin M

message 2: by Robin (new)

Robin (therobinreardon) | 3 comments Making people think… That’s why I write, too. And it’s why I write about WHAT I write about. My four books (two published so far: all have gay teenaged protagonists. As a writer, I find that the issue of homosexuality is incredibly rich territory, because even though science proves more undeniably every day that it’s a normal, naturally occurring phenomenon, so very many people allow themselves to be yanked around by the non-thinking part of their brains. Their lizard brain (officially, the R-25 or Reptilian brain) screams bloody murder when they encounter something that’s different from them on a level as profound as sexuality, and they permit gut reaction to trump human rationality.

I guess I want people to stop acting like lizards. I’m not gay myself, and I have no gay kids or relatives that I know of. But my mother imbued in me a powerful sense of justice, and as I said, this issue is so very fertile. It’s also an interesting writing challenge: put myself (a straight woman) into the mind of a gay teenaged boy and be convincing. My fan mail tells me I’ve succeeded. So I’m going to keep going.

Maybe someday I’ll be tempted by another juicy topic, but for now this is it. My second book, THINKING STRAIGHT, tells the story of a boy whose parents put him into an “ex-gay” camp to straighten him out. It’s a positive story, and he finds a way to remain true to himself without losing any part of who he is. I got an e-mail from a gay teen who said that he’d given up on God because he was convinced God hated him. He’s now going to give God another chance.

I guess that’s why I write.

message 3: by MELISSA (new)

MELISSA (melissaannmassey) | 4 comments I am writing my first book now. I would love to talk to other authors. I am writing a contemporary inspirational romance novel. I want my book to be funny and help people see the world differently.

message 4: by Steven, About The Author (new)

Steven | 65 comments Mod
Moonspirit: Welcome aboard. You're certainly in the right place if you're writing a book and looking to chat with other authers.

All the very best


message 5: by MELISSA (new)

MELISSA (melissaannmassey) | 4 comments Thanks Steve. I'm very nervous about being a first time writer. I don't really know where to begin. I attended a class just to get me started. I have began but i often feel overwhelmed. Which I'm sure other authors feel. I Have a deep love for fiction books. I like to read as my escape from the real world. Sometimes when the pressures of just being a wife and a mother of 3 small kids i need some kind of escape. I often turn myself towards a great adventure.

message 6: by Christine (new)

Christine London (christinelondon) | 5 comments Exactly. We are the lucky ones who have the gift of language and imagination to provide solice and therapy in difficult times, joy beyond measure in good ones.
I wrote night and day my first manuscript, that is how vivid, how demanding the story was to be told. Since then, my stories compel me, draw me to the computer. Now as I deal with the death of my only sibling and the closure of my print publisher, my writing saves my sanity with its medicinal ability to focus perspective onto the depth and breadth of life.

We writers are blessed and bless others with our gift allowing them escape into worlds unknown, enrichment and the ability to see through differing paradigms. With the gift comes great responsibility. Uplift, inspire, educate, entertain, emote...write on!

Christine London

message 7: by Viviane (new)

Viviane Brentanos | 3 comments as another author burned by the closure of a publisher, I can relate to wghat Chris is saying. In a way. it has been a slap in the face for me but a needed slap. For the past two years I have become so caught up in the submission process, i lost sight of why I write in the first place. Because I love to. I want to see my tales and fantasies on paper - for me! If a pub likes them along the way then all well and good but I no longer feel wounded if they do not. I write because I love my craft. Simple.


message 8: by Steven, About The Author (new)

Steven | 65 comments Mod
Guys: After writing two autobiographies I have to be honest with you, in that, I'm finding that writing a novel is far more difficult to acheive because in the autobiographies I knew what happened. With the novel writing I'm finding that I'm having to dig deep into my imagination and even though I'm doing this, I still can't help putting things in there that relate to my actual experiences in life.



message 9: by Debra (new)

Debra (debrapurdykong) For Chris and Viv, I know what it's like to have a publisher close. I had a 3-book deal back in 2004, and when the first book didn't come out as planned, many months passed before I and my fellow authors realized that the publisher was in trouble and not about to publish anything else. It was a long and extremely frustrating process. Unfortunately, my story isn't that unusual for authors.

message 10: by Christine (new)

Christine London (christinelondon) | 5 comments Steve,
I sure hope you stories contain your experiences. It is these that make your writing unique and wonderful. From what would we draw if ti wasn't from our own lives? Ikat is what makes each writer have a unique voice. The writing takes on a viscerality that would be sorely lacking if we did not use our own lives.


message 11: by Robin (new)

Robin (therobinreardon) | 3 comments Steve -- I have to ask: why two autobiographies? You're still a young man, according to your profile.

message 12: by MELISSA (new)

MELISSA (melissaannmassey) | 4 comments I find myself reading other books and I am reminded of something I forgot to put in my manuscript. I am writing from my pesonal experieces. I am using my jouranl and my memory to remember my experiences of when i grew up. I write when I feel compeled to write. My feelings just don't go away when I feel inspired.

I haven't published yet so hearing your experiences is a real eye opener. I keep telling myself that I need to dig deeper. I need to remember more.

good luck out there!

message 13: by Steven, About The Author (last edited Jun 30, 2008 07:41AM) (new)

Steven | 65 comments Mod
Christine, yes you're right there. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Robin: Why two autobiographies??

The first book was a warts 'n' all story that, covered the private life that I led during my service in the Royal Marines in the 1980s. After its release the book caused a lot of controversey, but it was all true and based on fact. I walked the walk on various websites amongst those who cast the stones my way. Eventually I got a lot of support from those who served with me and I actually proved the start, the middle and the end of my book. It is, undoubtedly a very strong book, which I actually wrote because a friend of mine literally said to me: "You could write a book Steve, about your experiences." So I did. However, I actually wrote the book when I was 28 years old and put it in the cupboard for 12 years before I finally polished it and looked for a publisher.

After the release of this book in 2004, I found that people who work with me now were quite shocked about my violent past and they were assuming that I may still be the type of person I was all those years ago. However, they couldn't have been more wrong. So, this is the reason why I wrote the second book, which starts exactly where the first book ends and finishes my story some 13 1/2 years later. It explains the journey and many challenges I went through to help me to move on from the beligerant mentality that I'd developed during my military career. The book seemed to calm the storm that my first book caused and really was part of the therapy I needed to help me to put it down on paper and to put it all behind me.

Yes, I am still quite young, fit and active really so I guess it was a fairly good achievement writing two biographies at this stage of my life.

See Link:

Best Regards


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