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Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Sometimes, the ignorance and let's call it naivety of university students astounds and depresses me.

junna asks
"What if I share my IP address with about ...[deleted:]....hundreds of other users? I live in a residence hall with a shared internet.

Do University students --who join sites like Astatalk which are known for the fact that copyrighted materials are shared in violation of the law-- take the time to check their own University/college's internet usages policies?

Here's a typical policy:

Penalties for violations (and violations include using university computers to upload or download copyrighted materials) include expulsion or suspension!

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Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Here are some useful links for college kids.

For those in the real world, one cannot beat what the (library of congress) has to say.

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