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message 1: by Girl4beluga (new)

Girl4beluga | 37 comments Mod
I have had my tank fall off in the water, weight belt fall off, snorkel drop, and been stung by something that spread down my entire arm and I have been certified for less then three months. What about you?

message 2: by Boris (new)

Boris (Borisz) | 5 comments I sometimes drop my weight (usually when I transfer weights to a dive buddy); loose my snorkel quite often when diving off a boat; came up once on the dive tank of the dive guide in Greece (finished my tank in less than 25 minutes, he brought me too deep and it was way too cold too); also I have some close up shots of Lionfish before I knew they were poisonous, but did not get stung :); aw and also swam face first into a giant jellyfish on my last dive two months ago

message 3: by Girl4beluga (new)

Girl4beluga | 37 comments Mod

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