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Jeanna we are getting ready to do a family book discussion and going to the lava tubes near our home in flagstaff. we are going to hide a ring for fun and wanted some fun thoughts... do you have any to share??

Bryn Well I'm sure your trip is done by now and you've moved on but I am teaching this book next fall in my English class so I've been doing tons of research on fantasy and Tolkien. Some fun thoughts I've enjoyed:
Tolkien considered himself most like a hobbit. His habits were very similar as well as his nature. He loved smoking pipe tobacco, eating mushrooms, and enjoying friends and family, especially friends in a pub. I think it might be fun to consider which character type you are most like.
I've also heard of people making Hobbitish food and Elvish food - I bet with a little web search you could find some recipes for things like Lembas. Additionally there are groups that celebrate Bilbo's birthday every year.
Last but not least, Tolkien drew heavily from already existing mythology, especially Norse mythology (the same source that Wagner used in his opera The Ring Cycle). The riddle scene with Bilbo and Gollum comes from mythology and I'm thinking it might be a neat activity to challenge people to a riddle contest in the same spirit, with prizes.
Sorry if all this is too late to help you but I hope you enjoy your trip!

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