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Lizzy I know there are 3 other books in this series before this one, but is it necessary to read them before you read Castles? Does it take away from the story if you don't?

Kel_kel castles is a great read by it self, you don't have to read the other 3 before because it has a complete story by itself even though you may have some characters from pervious issues.

Grace Castle is a great book by itself. But I would also recommend The Secret, The Prize and the Gift. You will meet some of the same characters in the later books, which gives you a sense of knowing what happened to that couple after their "story" ended.

Dana The best JG series, IMO, is the HIghland Laird series.
1. The Bride
2. The Wedding
3. The Secret
4. Ransom
5. I forget the title of the last one, thinking Shadow song

Mariam honestly castle is the least best one, and as a standalone it would be worse. I think you should read the story in order to really understand the characters.

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It can be read alone - absolutely! Julie Garwood did do cross-over characters, but you'll be able to follow it! :) Her historical romance books are very good!

SB*needs low angst books* I didn't care for castles but they are usually stand alone that may feature people from the series of books. Personally I would go with Honors Splendor, the bride, the secret, the prize, or saving grace. They are really good the first three are a personal favorite.

Sharon I don't think I read her books in order. They were good for me as stand alones. I enjoy her books.

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