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☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (dark_wolf-xxkaixx) | 84 comments Marcus
Race: Pilot of the fighting force/Mairon
Personlity: Cold, unsocial, and serious about what he does, protective of his fleet and his men.
Background: Was taken from his now dead family so he could begin his training immediately.
Family: Killed
Weapons: Double-bladed black energy burst swords, 2 energy bomd pistols.
((just the swords and both are black))
((just the guns and the eyes look like his))
Spaceship: Valkyrie V (valkyrie 5) of the Mairon empire
Other: N/A

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I am a LoZ & anime Lover!! (CityofEmber) | 28 comments Name: Drake
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Looks: Blonde hair, gold eyes, pale skin, tall for his age and very skinny
Personality: He never talks(can but doesn't),
Background: His only family was his parents until they died. They were killed in front of him to make him 'stronger'. His parents sent him to a camp to learn the art of the spaceship, but was accidentally sent to a school for assassins. He finally managed to escape at the age of sixteen.
Family: killed
Weapons: a tazer,a harpoon, and a sniper rifle
Spaceship: Fire Bird http://www.igorstshirts.com/blog/temp... (but red)

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