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Annabharmon I liked this book more than Enna Burning, but my favorite book by Shannon Hale is still The Princess academy.

Cassandra Wardle I didn't like the princess academy that much but i never finished the book

Redwallcrazy I finished Princess Academy and I liked it, but not enough to go crazy on it. River Secrets, however, was an entirely different story, I started reading it and was instantly hooked! Then i had to read the rest of the series. My favorites are River Secrets and Forest Born. And Razo rocks!

Becca brown Are you kidding!!! Enna Burning was by far the best!!! I loved it like crazy...actually, the Goose Girl was really good too...hmmmm. what the heck! They're all good!

Beth I have only read river secrets i have to read the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula My favorite in the series is The Goose Girl, though I do like 'River Secrets' more than 'Enna Burning'. Too many painful fire deaths in 'Enna Burning'. I enjoyed watching Razo grow into a confident man of worth. He did make a possitive difference.

SEMI PRECIOUS JADE Oh my gosh I can't even choose between them all they're all sooo good but I like river secrets more........hmm I guess I can choose between them hehe. But they were all really good

Emily Colby I think River Secrets is my favorite as well.

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I like the Princess Academy and The Goose Girl better, but this one was still awesome!

Paula I have yet to read/listen to the 'Princess Academy'. I have an audio download that I need to get to.

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) I love all of them :) I haven;t read Forest Born yet though.

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SEMI PRECIOUS JADE I LOVED Forest born! its my favourite out of the whole series! ya, i know i said i really liked River Secrets but that was before I read forest born. maybe river secrets is 2nd favourite..

johanna This is my favourite Shannon Hale book!! Go Razo :D

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Niki I really liked this book too! I love the series but the one thing about this book that bugged me was that I felt like I could hear the author's voice in the narration. Otherwise, I love them!

Sabrina loved this entire series fave is goose girl and enna burning!! The Book of a Thousand Days  by Shannon Hale anyone else read this book? its really good!

The_Halfblood_Muslim loved this book
i liked goose girl then river secrets and then enna burning
but i didnt like forest born AT ALL!

The_Halfblood_Muslim Cassandra wrote: "I didn't like the princess academy that much but i never finished the book"
u should read it
its really good!
she made second one and its even better!

The_Halfblood_Muslim Kaleigh~A Doctor Who InkWizard wrote: "I love all of them :) I haven;t read Forest Born yet though."
forest born was a big disappointment to me!

The_Halfblood_Muslim i like finn the BEST!!!!!!

Taylor Houst I love this book!! Agreed Finn is the best! But I also love Razo! He has such a great sense of humor!! He has so much fun no matter what!!

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My favorite book from Shannon Hale would be Princess Academy and Goose Girl, I didn't really like River Secrets.

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Mary I believe that all Shannon Hale books are good although this series is the best.

Eleanor Rigby I liked forest born the best... by far my favorite. Princess academy is also a favorite but I'm still debating whether or not to read the second one

Taylor Houst Enna Burning for sure!! I just love how Finn is in it more!

Emily Fuller All the bayern books are amazing!!!

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