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message 1: by Yared (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:17PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Yared Negussie I liked its originality; however, there were too many things that turned me off about the main character.

Selena Lang Yes I agree. Not sure exactly what it was, but the main character didn't really click with me.

Dhfan4life Again I know this is a bit dated, but just found it. And realizing that a lot of books up for discussion lately are ones I have to read or already read. So I'm slowly stating my views here and there. And I have to say I really liked Zoe at first. But then she did the really annoying thing that I have found most characters in movies, tv shows or in books do so often when they can astral project. Which is find 99 reasons to do so! I mean I get at one point or another we all want to be out of certain situations. But it seems like having this power is the ultimate cop out move. And Zoe kept doing it at the most stupidest of times in my opinion. Aside from her, I still sort of have questions and whys about things after reading that first one. So many my head kind of hurts. So not sure if I will pick up with the next books or not.

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