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((okay, heres how this works, you guys. im gonna make up a random story about you know who! you guys can add whatever you want, provided it's apropriete. and it has to flow with the story, so no putting stuf in like, "the awessome one jumped off a cliff", ok?! ok! by the way, when you want to say something thats not part of the story, put double parenthesees aroun what you wanna say. if you already know this stuff than dont read this!!!))

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Amana and The awesome one, aka davina or doovna, were riding bikes together. they were bffs.

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 58 comments and then they see a icecream truck and chase it down,but in there frantic pedling they hit several 2nd graders. they do not notice untill they get there icecream that the kids are forming a riot around there bikes((is that good enough or is it to graphic))

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((thats boring. how about something diffrent? like they got kidnapped or somethin))

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((yea kidnapping is cool, lets start from Amana, k?)) they stopped for some ice cream and shared it with the stray cat from the alley. they were popular girls, but they were good girls. ((now start from there guys))

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((alrightie then!))

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((well then, wut r u waiting 4?! start me a story!!!))

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Andrew | 58 comments while they were riding home they were kidnapped

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((uh, pleez shretch it out that is soooooooooooooo boring!!!))

message 10: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 58 comments a big heairy man took her and they were going to eat them alive

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