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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lbhick) | 986 comments Songs for the Missing by Stewart O'Nan Songs for the Missing by Stewart O'Nan

Post your comments here.

message 2: by Betsy (new)

Betsy (ebburtis) | 1263 comments I read this one several months ago and didn't think it was worth the hype (you can see my comments in the Jan/Feb 09 folder). I can't put my finger on what it was, but I felt very unresolved at the end - and I'm not typically one that needs everything wrapped up in a nice package in order for me to enjoy the book.

I'm looking forward to everyone's comments.

message 3: by Sharon (last edited Jun 04, 2010 04:49PM) (new)

Sharon (linnefaulk) I do wish there was a better ending. Then again, getting on with their lives will be such an ongoing process. I did get into the book but I wouldn't have picked it up on my own.

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