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message 1: by Brad (new)

Brad (bradrubin) | 264 comments Mod
I am pretty biased on this one... Java and my career have been pretty intertwined for the last 15 years. I think James Gosling's short interview is packed with great advice and observations. He created, and Sun leveraged, a perfect language for the times. Too bad Sun wasn't able to leverage it enough to avoid a sale to Oracle, and now Gosling has left Oracle.

One of the amazing things about Java is how it has grown over the years into application domains unimagined when it was first created. I wonder if this will also be its demise, as complexity has steadily crept in, as it has become all things to all people.

There are signs in both the interview and in language usage trends, that (like the selfish gene theory) the JVM is the thing that will survive, as many different source languages leverage that underpinning.

message 2: by Erik (new)

Erik | 165 comments I recognized the second usage of the "as simple as possible, but no simpler" quote. I found it gets used again in the UML chapter, and previously in the AWK chapter.

I have held some biased against Java, but likely none of my prejudice is warranted. If nothing else, this book is saving me from my own ignorance.

I liked the part about programming interfaces to use cases. That seems like a good approach to a question that I'm sure I don't always solve correctly.

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