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message 1: by Kait Neese (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments . If you have not done so already, I would like you to follow the link bellow and create an "Author's Page". Every author should do this and I am surprised the majority have not. It helps give your potential buyers more insight as to who you are.

Once you have created your unique author page, I would like for you to continue your efforts and utilize all of the tools it makes available for you.

1. First and foremost create a biography for yourself, you should by now already have one on hand, so it is a simple "copy and paste".

2. It is most beneficial to upload a picture of yourself as well. Please do this. I can not stress this point enough.

3. Select the "Book" tab at the top of the screen and double check all of your books are listed here. Please make sure all versions of your book are loaded here. For instance, if you have a hardcover version and a paperback version, make sure both appear here. Simply click the yellow "add more books" button to upload any and all of your works.

4. If you have a blog, personal or professional, Amazon allows you to link it to your Author's page. Once your author's page has been activated you will be able to add an RSS feed here. Simply follow the instructions under that "Blog" tab once your account has been activated. Your blog posts will appear on your Author Page in just a few hours and subsequent posts you make to your blog will automatically appear on the Author Page. If you are not yet blogging, you can either start a new one using any of the free blogging platforms (such as Blogger, Livejournal or TypePad) or use Amazon's simple blogging tools. To access these tools, click on "Create New Post”. New posts will appear on your Author Page within an hour. BLOGGING IS CRUCIAL, if you are able please set this up as soon as possible. If you do not have a blog, please start one here.

5. Amazon also allows you the option to upload a video. If you have one of you at a book signing or of like nature please upload it. Any video pertaining to your book can be uploaded here. You must have the video file in order to upload. A link to a site containing the video will not work. Please note Amazon only allows for one video to be posted at a time.

6. Last is the "Event" tab. This helps to spread the word about upcoming events for your book, such as a local book signing. Please post any and all events pertaining to your book here for they will not only show up on Amazon but on their partner site,, as well.
Author Central is a great tool to take advantage of. Please take the time to make yours as in-depth as possible.

You should have the following- author bio, picture, list of all books written by you, blog setup, video, event list.
Hope to see your complete author pages soon!

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Guevara (jguevara) | 64 comments right on. the video function is not fully operational yet. you can post a link, though, to your trailer.

Keep it updated, too. every time you update, it gives you another spot on Google search.

message 3: by Kait Neese (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments It does? I was not aware of that, do you mean by keeping your blog updated it will show up on Google Search?

message 4: by Cindy (last edited May 20, 2010 10:14AM) (new)

Cindy Vine | 19 comments I wish Author's Central in could be linked to

message 5: by [deleted user] (last edited May 20, 2010 10:11AM) (new)

Kait, Thank you so much fo the information. I already started the process a few minutes ago. I need to get a picture taken. Malika
I started blogs on the community networks. I am not too sure of how to navigate all the sites, yet. If someone could check out see if they can pull up Malika Bourne or Malikassecrets or The Secrets of the Unwritten Book on Twitter, I would be ever so grateful to know if I had given out the correct information for someone to read my blogs. I blog about secrets behind writing the book. Thank you kind person in advance. Malika

message 6: by Kait Neese (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments Glad to hear it! Make sure it is professional with a solid background. That usually works best!

message 7: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Isaacs (eisaacs) | 16 comments Thank you so much for the info. I just put in my request!

message 8: by Kait Neese (last edited May 21, 2010 07:29AM) (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments ----You ALWAYS want to VOTE on Amazon----

The thing about Amazon is that they focus hugely on customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on “learning” about their customers and then providing them with information on products that meet their interests.

How do they learn about these interests? By YOUR VOTES and your actions. Writing reviews is one way for Amazon to learn about you as well as your purchasing history. Books that receive more votes obviously receive more attention from Amazon. This being said whenever an Amazon User creates a review for your book you want to click the YES button when it asks “Was this review helpful”.

Give Amazon feedback wherever you can. Below is a list of all the places you need to be voting. You do not have to run out and vote on a million things but make a mental note in the future whenever you see a Listmania or read a review to click the YES button for if this was helpful or not.


Here is where you need to focus your attention:

1.) Reviews for your book
2.) Reviews you have read and you like
3.) Listmanias
4.) So You’d Like To….Guides
5.) Rate This Item to Improve Your Recommendations
6.) Pictures
7.) Any/All Searches you conduct on Amazon- let them know if the book you are looking for is there or not.

Amazon feed’s off of your actions so be direct and tell them. Vote everywhere.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

MMM? That is diappointing?

message 10: by Kait Neese (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments Alright everyone here is some more information for you! I know it is a lot but so worth it!

-----AUTHOR CENTRAL & YOUR AMAZON PROFILE- two different things-----

The purpose of this email is to explain that you should have TWO points of presence on Amazon. One is your Author Page (the one you created through Author Central) and the second is your Amazon Profile.
Previously we showed you how to setup your Author Page through your Author Central Account.

Please let me know if you have had any problems with this. By now I hope you have created your Author's Page through author central and made it as in-depth as you can.

Now we are going to discuss your "other" Amazon presence which is your "profile”.

Being an author makes you lucky in the Amazon world. By lucky I mean you are able to have your Author Page (which only established authors can create) as well as your basic Amazon user profile. You get two channels to promote your book.

Your basic Amazon Profile is the one you sign in with. It is the screen name you have given yourself.

To access your Amazon Profile after you sign in you will see on the menu tab in the upper left portion of the screen a button that refers to you by name. For instance, my account would say “Kait’s”; yours will display the name under which your account is registered.

Click on this button and you will be taken to a shopping page filled with items Amazon feel’s you would be interested in based on your recent activity and purchases. Now look on the right hand side of this page and you will see a tab that says “Your Profile”. Click this button and you will be taken to your Amazon Profile.

If you are familiar with Facebook or MySpace this Amazon Profile is very similar.

We want you to make this profile as in-depth as possible as this is another facet for your readers to learn about you as an author.

Now I would like for you to minimize your Amazon Profile and open another internet browser. Please use this link and go to my profile.

Take note my screen name tells you who I am and what I do. Please click on this link to view my complete Amazon profile. We are going to use my profile as an example/ template for you to base yours off of.
Please take a moment and see how much activity my profile has. Once you have arrived at my profile you will see that I have uploaded a picture. I have filled out my information (Location, Email, Webpage, In My Own Words, and Interests), written many reviews, created Listmanias, and posted numerous pictures.

All my activity is here for anyone on Amazon to see. Thus giving my viewers information about who I AM, what I DO, and what I LIKE. Your profile needs to be EXACTLY like this. Please fill out every category they make available for you. Make your profile as in-depth as you can.

Now go back to the internet browser you just minimized. Once at your profile please click “Edit Your Profile". It is a yellow button in the top right corner. It is very hard to miss.

Take as much time as you need to make this profile as accurate and up-to-date as you can. This is extremely important.

I want to see that you have uploaded a picture of yourself, preferably the same one as your Author’s Page on Author Central. You are also allowed to write a caption underneath your photo. It should be in this format "First and Last Name, "Author of Book Title"- (i.e. Carol Day, "Author of Sahara to Shame")

I want to see you have filled out the “In My Own Words:” section. You should start this out by introducing yourself using the same name under which you write your books. You should also state you are an author, why you like to write, the title of your book, etc.

I want to see the section “Interest” filled out in entirety.

Make sure you put your author webpage in the space where it says “Web Page”. Common sense but I better see this done!

Put your email address so your readers can contact you if they need to and put where you are from.
I would also like you to start considering making your own Listmanias and making as many reviews as you can.

Last Part:
***Most importantly when you are editing your profile you will notice a signature box. (It will be on the left side of your screen) I would like for you to create an entry in the following format. ***

"First and Last Name, "Author of Book Title"- (i.e. Carol Day, "Author of Sahara to Shame").

It should be the same as the caption you created when you uploaded your photo.

I can not overemphasize to you how powerful this is. From this point on every post, review or discussion you make will have this signature attached to it.

All viewers will see 1.) Your name 2.) You are an author and 3.) The title of you book.

If you would like to see an example of an author who has done this please visit this link

If you have any questions on the above material, please let me know!

Hope to see your Amazon Profile's updated with your author signature.

message 11: by Kait Neese (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments I hope everyone has been doing well. I just got back ( and finally caught up with work!) from the New York Book Expo America 2010. Wow was that an event to attend!

Anyways here is some more information for all you Amazon lovers out there


I want to show you the importance in writing a high-quality review and how this will benefit you.

Amazon keeps record of how many reviews you have written as well as the quality of those reviews. On Amazon, customers are allowed to vote whether a review was helpful or not. The more helpful reviews you have the more weight Amazon gives to these. Amazon has their top “1000”, “500”, and “100” reviewers. They truly keep a close record. Now imagine if your book was reviewed by a top “100” reviewer? It would get much more publicity than say the 3,000,000th ranked reviewer.

Ideally we all want to be in Amazon’s group of top “100 reviewers” but this is extremely hard to do. Eventually we want you to have created over 100 reviews for products on Amazon. This seems to be their magic number and they really start to track your activity. When Amazon track’s your activity it is because they think you actions can be influential on others, basically they believe their customers will buy something because you did.

I am not saying you need to rush out and make 100 reviews because the probability of them receiving helpful votes when written in a rushed manner is slim. Take your time whenever you have a free moment just quickly write a review. Write reviews on books you have read in the past, to your kids, got for presents, whatever. You can write a review on almost anything even your favorite cd. Think of it as 3-5 month goal to write 100 reviews.

Writing reviews is time-consuming but if you do it correctly it can be time well spent. You want each of your reviews to be a minimum of two paragraphs and always make sure you sign the review with the same signature used on the title of your books. Doing this shows your credentials while simultaneously increasing exposure of your book’s title.

While writing reviews you want to display a clear message, you want to give a meaningful, insightful review of the product. This way you don’t come of as “self-serving”. You want to show viewers that you can write professionally and communicate clearly. If your writing style intrigues these viewers they may become interested, see the title of you book and then conduct a search on Amazon for it.

Now you can write a review for anything but you should focus on creating reviews for
books within your genre or that are quite similar to yours. Why you may ask? This is because books with similar subject matter more than likely share your potential audience of readers. These “like” books and authors fall into your “competitive network”/

You should not use reviews as a promotional platform for yourself. That is not the point of a review. Your signature will speak enough for you and that is the only place you should mention the title of your work.

Writing reviews can be highly beneficial for you, as it helps increase your exposure all across Here is what one author has said:


Hi Kait,
I continue to make progress on my Reviews. I am now above 30. I can see that this is an effective way to gain visibility. The more I write the more I begin to feel that I am reaching an audience that might never have found my book. Thanks for your suggestion.
Best wishes,


IF YOU BECOME AN AMAZON TOP 1000 REVIEWER PLEASE LET US KNOW. This will significantly enhance the marketing of your book. And, even if you don't get that high at Amazon, if you get to 10, or 100 reviews, then you will be that much further along when your book is released.

You may want to contact Amazon’s list of top 500 reviewers and see if you can send them a copy of your book for them to review!

Good luck with your efforts,

message 12: by Kait Neese (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments I understand that and that is why no one ever said marketing your work would be a piece of cake. The fact is you are participating in forums like these to make connections, it is these connections you need to be using to your advantage. So many times while I have been browsing group discussions I see people building relationships for instance where they vote each other's reviews as helpful. It may not seem like this can do much but if you keep at social media sites and searching for ways to get your reviews those votes over the next year imagine where you will be?

Most people get into sites like Amazon and participate actively for a month or two and then loose interest. You have to keep pushing on as every little bit helps. If your content is good, then you will not need to worry about the vine voice authors. Quality content will take you farther than you could have ever imagined.

For instance I started researching/learning about Amazon six months ago. I by no means know every detail about Amazon but I do feel I know more than the majority. The fact is everyone could be experienced with Amazon but people just dont want to take the time. If you take the time to write good, honest, content rich reviews over time you will stand out and you will get those helpful votes.

It just becomes a question of whether you choose to put in the required effort.


message 13: by Kait Neese (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments CUSTOMER DISCUSSIONS

By now I hope you have made at least one forum or discussion post in an Amazon community. I know these postings may not seem like they do much but they really can do wonders for your book. (If you are reading this on GoodReads clearly you understand the value in discussion boards) Let’s discuss how.

The more discussion topics on your book, the more attention you will receive from Amazon. They will recognize this activity and thus promote it more heavily.

I hope you are using the format I indicated in a past email at the end of each of your posts


The importance of this is that each time you do make a post and link back to your book’s Amazon page it is like adding a tally next to your name. The more tallies you have the more promotion Amazon will award your book. If you make one post a day, at the end of the month you will have roughly 30 tallies. That is thirty more mentions of your book on Amazon then it would previously have had. You want to saturate Amazon with mentions of your book.

Ranking well on Amazon is not an easy task, it requires effort. Please make a conscious effort to make regular posting throughout Amazon, particularly in your genre. 3-5 posting a week would be ideal. Engage in debate with other authors, talk about something you have experience in (like how to write a book); anything that will engage Amazon user’s to respond to your post. Do not simply introduce yourself and then give the title of your book- your signature will say everything and more. We all know how important content is so make your posts CONTENT RICH. Don’t use these forums solely as a promotional platform for your book or you will be kicked out so fast you won’t know what happened. The authors on Amazon discussion boards are quick to gang up on others from what I have seen, it can be catty. Personally I like the GoodReads discussion forums more but you need to participate on Amazon as well because of the “insert product link” feature.

P.S. If you are already participating in Amazon discussion boards I would love to know your opinion on them!

If you have any questions let me know.

Best Wishes,


message 14: by Debra (new)

Debra (debrapurdykong) Hi Kait, and thanks for that information. I've just posted my 88th review on Amazon, but I don't do it to achieve any particular ranking, I just do it because I like to write reviews and I believe in giving indie authors a little extra attention. Still, it's intersting to note that amazon starts paying attention to me after 100 reviews because I'll reach that mark some time this year. I only publish 2 or 3 reviews a month because I read books carefully, cover-to-cover, and of course I have my own writing and day job. Anyhow, I appreciate you posting that information.


message 15: by Kait Neese (last edited Jun 18, 2010 09:36AM) (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments Hey everyone. I have made an group purely for helping authors on Amazon. I want it to be a "one stop shop" type of group. SO please feel free to leave your comments or drop some ideas!

message 16: by Donna (new)

Donna Callea Kait,
Thank you so much for all the wonderful tips. I've been trying to catch up. Would you mind explaining again how to get a signature with your book links to pop up under posts. I see the space for it when I edit my profile page, but I can't get anything to stick.
Also...your link above for the author group goes to the Grey Griffins series.

message 17: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Vine | 19 comments This is a fantastic help Kait, thanks so much for taking the time to do this to help some of us technologically-challenged authors!

message 18: by Kait Neese (new)

Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 23 comments Hey guys! Its been a hectic few weeks but we have put together a few Listmania lists that I would so appreciate it if you could take the time to vote on! Let me know if you do this and I will go in and tag your book in return!

Listmania 1:

Listmania 2:

Listmania 3:

Listmania 4:

message 19: by Gregg (new)

Gregg Seeley (greggwerks) | 7 comments Amazing posts you have here! very informative. I am in a situation however, that my publisher will not deal with amazon and will not put any books on there. A small house but not a vanity house whatsoever. That being said I am grateful to be published but that being said, How would it be possible to have my book listed on Amazon independently if I am not a bookseller and have no tax number and such which is required. I desperately would love to have my book listed on Amazon because of the terrific reviews it has received and the exposure it would get. Would you be able to offer any advice on this.
Thank you
Gregg Seeley
Author Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem
Juvenile fiction humor

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)


By now I hope you have made at least one forum or discussion post in an Amazon community. I know these postings may not seem like they do much but they really can do wonde..."

Hi Kait! Thanks for the input.
My book is for sale on Bourne and Rose, The Secrets of the Uwritten Book, but I did not know about the author discussion posts. How do you find it? Is that through the author center or...?

message 21: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Crimmel (jeffreyrcrimmelcom) | 43 comments Do this as well authors. I am now on Amazon kindle and I believe this is the future for books as we know them.

message 22: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Adair Kait, this is terrific information you've posted here. My Amazon author page just went live:

I've started posted reviews, and I hooked up my existing blog to feed into the author page the next time I blog. Events and video are forthcoming.

Where is the access point for the discussion boards? I don't think you're talking about the troubleshooting boards for Kindle authors and the Author Page. For example, how would I find a discussion board on historical fiction or mystery and suspense?

Suzanne Adair

message 23: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Adair Malika, to access customer discussions/author discussion boards, sign on to Amazon as if you were going to purchase a book (not Author Central). On the menu near the top, click on "Profile." Then click on "Community." That should take you to the screen where you can view all the author discussion boards on Amazon.

Suzanne Adair

message 24: by Alice (new)

Alice (goodreadscomalicerene) Suzanne wrote: "Malika, to access customer discussions/author discussion boards, sign on to Amazon as if you were going to purchase a book (not Author Central). On the menu near the top, click on "Profile." Then c..."

Good advice ... thank you.

message 25: by Samie (new)

Samie Foster | 14 comments Wow I didn't know that this exist. Thankyou so much.

message 26: by Dave (new)

Dave Cullen (davecullen) | 11 comments I didn't realize Amazon started allowing multiple pictures on your author page.

I just uploaded the max 8. My publisher (Twelve/Hachette) really wanted a serious pic in the beginning, and to stay consistent (branding), which was probably good to start. But I think readers like to get a sense of you, too, and showing some actual personality and different sides of it helps.

I think. Or am I nuts?

My new page is here:

(I keeps not wanting to take new blog posts, tough.)

message 27: by Dave (new)

Dave Cullen (davecullen) | 11 comments After I posted that, I realized I should add some more pix here, too. So I did.

message 28: by Tricia (new)

Tricia McDonald (httpwwwgoodreadscomtriciamc) | 19 comments Kait wrote: ". If you have not done so already, I would like you to follow the link bellow and create an "Author's Page". Every author should do this and I am surprised the majority have not. It helps give your..."

Thanks Kait. I'm just getting my feet wet with marketing my book, and I have learned so much from the Goodreads groups. Your information was great. Thanks again.

message 29: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Zandri (vincentzandri) | 4 comments Kait wrote: ". If you have not done so already, I would like you to follow the link bellow and create an "Author's Page". Every author should do this and I am surprised the majority have not. It helps give your..."

Yup, author central us a great place to post new blogs!!!


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