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Aly (Fantasy4eva) | 27 comments So besides from voting and picking the book itself i feel its important to spread the love about BBA! some i know have already started this, if you've been spreading the love about BBA @ your blog provide the link here please so that we can keep up with all the peepz supporting us out there, your efforts are always appreciated! :)


Aly (Fantasy4eva) | 27 comments i just spread some love on BBA @ my blog Fantasy4eva here!

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie  G (paranormalhaven) | 80 comments Mod
Just checked out your post and it looks good. I will definitely come up with something to post up soon and Athenna will make a button for us to put up on our blog.

~Stephanie G

Aly (Fantasy4eva) | 27 comments thanks :) Ooohh sounds good cant wait to put it up!

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Andrea (unromanticmondays) | 4 comments Aly you'll be proud, I did a very short post on it: HERE


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I can def feel the LOVE! Thanks ladies for spreading the word about BBA:) I'm so happy alot of bloggers are interested in this book club:) I'm definitely a proud mama,lol! I also posted on my blog Paper Cut Reviews about BBA and The Traveling Book Gnome:)

TheGeekyBlogger Done :)

I am sick, so instead of trying to get everyone to understand allergy med talk I grabbed your explanation off your webpage and also pointed them there! I think they will both be huge successes :)

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Thanks Felicia! LOL! I understand my allergies can be just plain awful! Aww thanks so much for the support and Welcome to the group:)Oh BTW I'm a follower of your blog now:) Love the name!

Aly (Fantasy4eva) | 27 comments hey felicia! and i have a stupid cold as of now great *sigh*

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message 11: by TheGeekyBlogger (new)

TheGeekyBlogger Thanks for the welcome and I like highlighting something that I think would be fun to most people I know in the blogging world :)

ICK on the colds going around....I know I have slept most of the last two days and hoping I am better by Monday or work is going to suck :)

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Stephanie  G (paranormalhaven) | 80 comments Mod
Made our first BBA post

Aly (Fantasy4eva) | 27 comments awesome post thanks for mentioning us :)same here not looking forward to college tmrw at all and thanks Andrea ya make me proud dearie :D

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Beth (xmaybe) | 88 comments Thanks to everyone for spreading the BBA love!

My link is up here

Hope everyone's feeling better!

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TheGeekyBlogger I am feeling a bit better, took the dog for a walk and will be turning in early so I am ready for work in the morning (WOW already Monday)

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Stella (stella_exlibris) | 93 comments Mod
Glad to hear you feel better Felicia! :-)

I finally posted the presentation post on BBA at Ex Libris, you can say hi here. :-)

Aly (Fantasy4eva) | 27 comments thanks for spreading the word! you guys are awesome :)

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Stella (stella_exlibris) | 93 comments Mod
Also made a post telling everyone about our June read. :-)

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Kindlelicious | 16 comments Oh cool! I just read this book a few weeks ago and already have a review up! Awesome! Can't wait to see what others think of it.

Aly (Fantasy4eva) | 27 comments thanks kate chas and stella!! :)

message 23: by TheGeekyBlogger (new)

TheGeekyBlogger I grabbed the button for Paranormal Haven and putting it up now! :)

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