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message 1: by valee, Your moderator (new)

valee | 164 comments Mod
Feel free here to ask all the questions you have about the group and it's organization.

Also here's where you can make all the suggestions you feel that will help to improve the group. They will be immediately taken into consideration.


message 2: by Farzan (new)

Farzan (persianguy1983) | 86 comments Actually it's semi-suggestion. let's talk about one of Nicholas Sparks books which are read between all group of members and talk about our understanding in order to analyze the whole story.

message 3: by valee, Your moderator (new)

valee | 164 comments Mod
I'm not sure if I'm getting what you are suggesting Farzan.

You want to start a thread about one of Spark's novel and discuss it? Because if that's what you want you can post at any of his books thread and ask others what they think and to talk about what you want. If not let me know and I'll try to do what you want once I'm sure what that is,lol.

message 4: by Farzan (new)

Farzan (persianguy1983) | 86 comments In fact, I was telling you to see what other members think about Nicholas Sparks books which all of them say, "it's really great" or " it was nice" but my point is, to understand what the real thought behind these lines.

message 5: by valee, Your moderator (new)

valee | 164 comments Mod
Oh, that's a good idea. Maybe you could start a thread about it so you can put the title you wish and explain there to everybody exactly what you want them to talk about.

If you prefer that I do it, let me know, or if you don't know how to start a thread, I'll be glad to help as well.

Great idea Farzan.

message 6: by Farzan (new)

Farzan (persianguy1983) | 86 comments I prefer you to do it because maybe I couldn't tell them what I mean.
Thank you Vale

message 7: by valee, Your moderator (new)

valee | 164 comments Mod
Ok I published a thread to talk about his work in general. But if that wasn't what you really wanted let me know.

Maybe what you wanted was to organize a book read so many members read the same book at the same time and then we can open a thread about the book we read in the group read. If that's closer to what you wanted, I'll make it happen. Thanks for making any recommendations, it is appreciated.

Let me know if you would like some more changes.

message 8: by valee, Your moderator (new)

valee | 164 comments Mod
Hey all, I thought we should create a folder named Characters so we could speak of each character specifically. What do you think?, do you all like the idea? If so, I would need some help, at least to know there are some of you who would like this and would help creating threads for the characters as I don't remember many of them. My memory sucks,lol. Let me know what you all think...

message 9: by Farzan (new)

Farzan (persianguy1983) | 86 comments I like your idea about the characters in the Nicholas Sparks Books and as you know I've made one thread about Savannah but no one showed interest in my idea.

message 10: by valee, Your moderator (new)

valee | 164 comments Mod
Some groups have members who like to write more post than others. If more show interest in it I'll start those folders and post but not before. Thanks for telling me, now at least we know you want them. If one more says the same, I'll start those posts about heroes and heroines and you can help.


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