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message 1: by Amena (new)

Amena Khan (amenakhan) | 24 comments So I realize this one is very creepy...but I was listening to screemo and I just had to write this one down. I think there is one curse word in it, but I edited it to make it a little nicer^-^ I catually kind of enjoy this one, but my brain is slightly demented so that might be why.
Enjoy, enjoy!

It’s the world on lock down
Shut you up and now it won’t let you go
It’s the earth on meltdown
Dried us up and now it wont let it snow
It’s your heart on break down
He f---ed you up and now he won’t let you go
It’s the people in death town
Ripped you up and threw you into a rainbow

So now you can cry your tears little darling, but they won’t hear
You can stomp your feet little honey, but they won’t let you go
You can bite your tongue little lady, but they can smell your fear
You can pound those fists little dearest, but you’re just an echo
It’s you on death row little missy
Time to tie the noose and watch the final show

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate (katemreads) | 197 comments Mod
This is a little on the dark side. I do like it though. Sorry but I'm not as huge into poetry as I am into stories, I'm always so bad at interpurting it, so I may not be completly as enthusiastic. But I really do like it! The only thing is that I didn't get that she was on death row until the 2nd to last line, however that always seems to be my realtionship with poetry. Either I get it or I don't or I do after a strightforward line, so maybe it was just me and my no-translation-what-so-ever when it comes to poetry. Really good Amena!

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate (katemreads) | 197 comments Mod
Now that I think about it, I was going to write a story about a young girl on death row. She was going to be used as a practice case for law students. I sort of know how it would go but it needs a lot of work. You're poems really go with some of my writing ideas. Like the one with the angels and demons, you should really post that one. I really loved it!

message 4: by Amena (last edited May 05, 2010 12:19PM) (new)

Amena Khan (amenakhan) | 24 comments Thank you! I thought this one was a bit confusing, so don't worry about it!
I like teh angel and demon one better though! And I will definately post it!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

wow that is amazing :) its true that its dark but really its beautiful :)

message 6: by Amena (new)

Amena Khan (amenakhan) | 24 comments thank you very much :D

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