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Gail-Agnes In this book what the author suggests about the nature of suprise is that, sometimes, the surprise is not what you expect.

Dizzy finaly gets to spend time with her mother, who she has hardly ever spent time with. But this time is not what she expected and so she accepts it and learns new things.

If you like fun and adventure, this book is for you!

Amiee i kinda' like this book!

Amiee do u like cathy cassidy books peviewops?? ive just read dizzy and i feel that the book was ok!

Ciara Good book, not as good as Cathy Cassidy's other books.

Yonina i loved it Dizzy and Lucky star , like most Cathy cassidy books (expect scarlett *shiver*)

Taryn Storm I loved this book, it was some how inspirational

Alaska Rose i LOVE this book. i read it for the first time years ago, when i was in primary school, and im now sixteen,a year away from graduating from high school, and i still go back from time to time and re-read it. cathy cassidy is a very talented and smart writer and Dizzy proves that, as do her other books.

Skyler I. Am. Obsessed. With. This. Book.!!!!! Dizzy is amazing! Before i read his book I often day-dreamed of being a traveller, so this was, quite literally, a dream come true! Or a day-dream at least!!!

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