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SarahC (sarahcarmack) | 1473 comments Mod
Just for fun, I started a list of characters. I am only through Letter 24 in my re-read, so my list reflects that.

If you would like, help us to fill in the list and the character summaries. Just copy my list and make your changes and we'll know that ones at the bottom of the thread are the most up-to-date. You can make these as humorous or as critical as you would like!

Characters in order of the letters or of appearance:

Lady Susan Vernon: widow of the elder Vernon brother; reduced circumstances, and having sold the family estate at some point in the past is without a home of her own; extremely beautiful, around 35, but looks to be much younger
Mr. Charles Vernon of Churchill
Mrs. Alicia Johnson of Edward Street, London:
Mrs. Catherine de Courcy Vernon of Churchill - wife of Charles Vernon
Reginald De Courcy (the younger) of Parklands - brother of Catherine Verson
Lady (Catherine?) De Courcy -- mother of Catherine Vernon & Reginald De Courcy
Sir Reginald De Courcy (the elder) - father of Catherine Vernon & Reginald De Courcy
Miss Frederica Susanna Vernon - daugher of Lady Susan
Sir James Martin

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Rubino (jrubino) | 213 comments Some of these are off stage, but some are key characters.

The Manwarings - Mr. Manwaring, his wife and his sister, Maria.
Mr. Charles Smith, friend of Reginald deCourcy
Miss Summers, proprietress of Frederica Vernon's London school
The Clarkes, Staffordshire neighbors of Lady Susan's family
Wilson, Lady Susan's personal maid
Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson's husband
The Vernons' children
The Hamiltons, acquaintances of Mrs. Johnson
James, one of Reginald deCourcy's servants


Gitte - Bookworm's Closet (gittetofte) I had to make a list in order to keep track of the characters - mine is just such a mess full of arrows pointin in many directions :-)

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SarahC (sarahcarmack) | 1473 comments Mod
Sounds like we did the same thing, Gitte. That is why I thought it would be fun to post it here. And with Lady Susan's busy schedule, there are a lot of arrows needed! ha ha

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Gitte - Bookworm's Closet (gittetofte) I think I had about 4 arrows marked as 'flirt' or 'x-flirt' ;-)

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