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message 1: by Savannah (new)

Savannah Sometimes in life...whether its being nice to the weird or the mean people at school, or maybe when you really want to yell back at your sibling when they really get to you...its hard to do the Christian thing (the right thing.) Here (if you want to) you can write about times it was hard for you to do the right thing, or how you learned from it..or if you did the right thing and feel good about it. I think that it would help to remember how to do better and maybe the rest of us can learn from it too.

message 2: by Sandy (new)

Sandy (sandycrow) | 373 comments Mod

This was like, last February. There was an online debate called "Does God Exist?" on a site where there are only six people. So it wasn't as crazy as it is on Goodreads with all the people commenting... Well, it was as crazy, just not in the same way. There were only two atheists in the discussion. After a while it became the perfect example of pearls before swine… BUT we kept debating for a while, which was fine. The problem was the way I was talking to these people (which was pretty nicely compared to the way they were talking to us). It was impossible for me back then to actually speak the truth in love… well, yeah, that's my fault. I was basically squabbling in the same immature way the other side was. Kinda shameful to go back and read the things I said…

BUT that's changed immensely (took me five times to get that word spelled right :D) since then. It was just over a week ago I sort-of-ish shared the gospel with a certain girl on Goodreads named Nikki who was being nasty and lying about me (this was waaaaaay worse than anything I'd ever had to to deal with—she had started a group called "I hate SANDY CROW!!!"). After a while she just apologized, and I dunno how exactly this went, but basically I think it was that she was skeptical when I said I forgave her. So I explained briefly in a comment why I'm able to forgive, and I dunno how she took that, because she deleted the hate-Sandy group and never contacted me again.

UNTIL… Friday she sent me a message that said nothing but "hi sandy." Goodreads wouldn't let me reply because we're not friends, so the next day she said, "are you afraid to reply?"

Another girl, Halie, has been telling me how Nikki has changed sooooooooo much since a week ago. "she is in the lord man!" Okay, Halie herself doesn't seem to be a believer, so I'm not sure what that means. But I went to Nikki's group, where they were discussing global warming. And I read a bunch of comments about how God isn't going to let us all burn up because He loves us and takes care of us… she said He was the way, truth, and the light… Well, I don't know about all of this. The way she was talking reminded me of Talkative from Pilgrim's Progress. It sounds like she might just know a lot about these things, but you know, doesn't actually believe. You know what I mean? People who think they kinda believe, and know enough to talk about it in rather vague terms?

Yeah… anyway, I asked Halie to tell Nikki to change her profile settings so people who aren't her friends can send her messages. I'll tell you what happens…

message 3: by Savannah (new)

Savannah coolio :)

The Fox Princess (thefoxprincess) | 16 comments Hello...

message 5: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do | 214 comments hi

The Fox Princess (thefoxprincess) | 16 comments OH MY GOSH! IT'S YOU! Ha ha... I didn't know you were in this group...

message 7: by Dibily Do (last edited Aug 24, 2010 02:46PM) (new)

Dibily Do | 214 comments yep, lol

The Fox Princess (thefoxprincess) | 16 comments Awesome

message 9: by Savannah (new)

Savannah That's awesome Sandy. Good job in growing stronger by living in God!!!! It's amazing how the Lord can change people.

*Mrs. Brightside* People always trick me into doing the right thing. When they find out I don't for something, they trick me into it anyways. I'm stupid for falling for it? I know. But I'm not stingy anymore!

message 11: by The Fox Princess (new)

The Fox Princess (thefoxprincess) | 16 comments ...

*Mrs. Brightside* ...??? What...?

message 13: by Sandy (new)

Sandy (sandycrow) | 373 comments Mod
I'm also a bit confused by your comment :)

*Mrs. Brightside* Ahaaaa..Well, when I was waaaay younger, my brother said I have to give offering. I said No, and he said 'mom said'. Of course I shouldn't have fallen for it, but we were going on and on and oooonnn about the whole thing, that I did end up giving offering. Of course when I did ask my mom, she said no. I was mad at my brother, but hey..when am I not mad at him!??? Anyways, i'm not stingy anymore.. I can give/share things every now and then! So yeah(;

message 15: by Sandy (new)

Sandy (sandycrow) | 373 comments Mod
Ah, that's cool. I used to be the same way :) On a smaller scale though, since my allowance was a dollar a week and I had to give ten percent of that…so it didn't matter as much to me :)

*Mrs. Brightside* Woah! My mom told me about that 10% stuff, but she eventually figured out that I couldn't do that unless someone told me while giving offering. But yuuuup..

message 17: by The Fox Princess (new)

The Fox Princess (thefoxprincess) | 16 comments I don't get allowance so I can't give offering...

message 18: by Danielle Mary (new)

Danielle Mary  Friedrich (JesusFreak53124) | 47 comments life does get hard especially the drama between girls because all we do is cause drama but i like looking at the situaton and saying well mabey the lord put this in my life to make me relize something and all my hardships make me a stronger person

message 19: by Nike (new)

Nike Chillemi Danielle Mary wrote: "life does get hard especially the drama between girls because all we do is cause drama but i like looking at the situaton and saying well mabey the lord put this in my life to make me relize someth..."

Drama between girls can be really bad sometimes.

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