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message 1: by Robin (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 268 comments Mod
Now that the book is officially released...anyone want to dish about what has happened so far. I personally love Emerald Storm. I can't of course talk about what is "yet to come" but would love to talk about the series from the perspective of where we are to date.

message 2: by Robin (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 268 comments Mod
A funny thing happened long long ago...It was when Michael was writing Emerald Storm and I had only read through book 2. I walked into his den one day and saw on the computer screen...about Royce getting shot with by Thranic -- and that was all there was!! Wow did I pay for sneaking a peak at the wrong time. It took me nearly a year before I found out what happened after that. I remember it being around 5:00 am when I read it and Michael was asleep it took every once of will power for me not to wake him and say ... what the bleep are you doing!!

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather (ham1299) | 232 comments Yes, I was really worried when I read that part! LOL I decided while reading The Emerald Storm that I will be mad at Michael if he kills off either Royce or Hadrian!

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments He can't kill off Royce or Hadrian! I am worried because Gwen keeps having her premonitions or foretelling the future. That Hadrian will die if Royce isn't with him to help him. I get nervous every time they split up. Then I think something is going to happen to Royce, since she can't tell his future to know if anything will. I think that may be part of Gwen's worry, not knowing, when she is one use to seeing what may happen.

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments I had a feeling the Elves whole thing was going to come to surface here. There was a little more information given on the Elves, the slave Elves, anyway. I am waiting to hear about the Elves across the river at Avempartha. I know they are coming, but when? I wonder now if they may be part of what will help save the country when those monsters come by sea to attack. Or maybe at the last minute help, and Royce being half elf may be the one to convince them. I am sure the Elves at Avempartha are aware of the misfortune and abuse their distant relatives are being subject to and will use that against the people at some point.

I am patiently waiting for them to show up again. :)

message 6: by Ridan (new)

Ridan | 41 comments Well,
I'm not "on the inside" ;-( Haven't seen a copy of Wintertide but hoping too soon. So I can comment here for awhile.

Gwen's premonitions are indeed disturbing. I believe there was one in Avempartha and it came up again in Nyphron Rising - considering who Michael has already killed off I wouldn't put anything past him.

As to the Elves...The last part of Avempartha seemed to indicate a "resurgence" and there was a lot of talk in Emearld Storm about them - I'm hoping to see them show up again - I'm really curious as to what "full elves" are like as opposed to the oppressed half elves.

That being said...I'm glad it is coming in "small doses" the wait is hard but worth it.

I was really surprised that Arcadius and Miranda did not show up in Emerald Storm - I'm afraid what they may be "off doing".

message 7: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments That is right! I, momentarily, forgot about Arcadius and Miranda knowing and working together. There is something there with knowing who the true heir is. I wonder if who everyone thinks is the heir, the nationalist leader (sorry the name has left me for a moment), is just as mentioned as having the amulet. That he is not the heir, that the amulet was given to him as a diversion for the true heir to not get caught.

Now, when I get home I am going to have to look through all my questions and notes I keep. :) I know I have more thoughts.

message 8: by Heather (new)

Heather (ham1299) | 232 comments I was surprised that Arcadius and Miranda didn't show up, too. But, then, I'm not completely surprised. I don't think they would've fit into this book. I will be VERY surprised if we don't see them in Wintertide, though.

I am guessing the big thing that is coming involves the elves. I remember what Ezrahaddon said about them back in Avempartha. I doubt all of that was said as meaningless fluff - I'm sure they'll be back. I can't help but think that the big foretold event (war?) involves them.

I guess we'll see in time - now that time needs to get here! ;-)

message 9: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments I do have to say I am glad Thrace is coming back in this book. I know she is a brilliant woman and I was bummed to see her so lost in Nyphron Rising. I loved how she was so strong in the end of Avempartha and did what needed to be done to live. Then to almost die of the loss of her father. I know he was her world.

It seemed Thrace had her weakness and was lost for a while, as Arista learned more of how she is and became stronger.

But I like how both have come ahead strong in the end of Emerald Storm.

message 10: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments I am very curious as to what Esra wished he could tell to Arista, the whole truth. And WHO is Mawyndule? I think this is a new name to me. Is he the one listening as Esra fears?

What is Uli Vermar? - "They held the secrets that would protect mankind when Uli Vermar ended." - This is only months away and Esra was thinking he would be around for it. I think this is more than just the 'war' that is coming by see. There is more to this as Esra instructs Arista as to where she needs to take the heir to for this.

message 11: by Ridan (new)

Ridan | 41 comments Thrace's catatonic state in Nyphron makes sense when taken in context with Emerald Storm - she was in a pretty bad way after she lost her father...I think she really needs someone to "care" for so I think Amilia saved her just because Modina/Thrace needed to protect her from Saulder and Co. Obviously seeing Arista "saved" her again as she knew only she could "save" Arista. I'm interested to see if Modina will find out about Arista being locked up and somehow get her out? Although I don't think Amilia will be coaxed to help as she's not very fond of Arista.

If Thrace doesn't break Arista out then I'm not sure how she will get loose. Her magic is no help due to the damping spell, Royce and Hadrian don't know she is there. I guess if Royce/Hadrian finally get to Merrick (or visa-versa) they might get him to tell where he is and they can get Arista when they go after Gaunt. But...I doubt Merrick could be made to talk. I serious doubt she'll die in prison but then again with Michael you really never can count on just who he'll kill off ;-)

Mawyndule - Good point - that was a very quick passing comment - definitely someone new to my ears. And yes I "tucked away" Uli Vermar as something I really want to know about ... but lets not forget about the horn. Esra mentioend it....Thranic's group was after it....that seems pretty important at this point.

message 12: by Ridan (new)

Ridan | 41 comments Hmmmm. Just realized as much as I want to read Wintertide I'm kind of glad to be "in the dark" as it is fun to speculate here and once I'm on the other side I'll have to go as Mute as Robin and Michael.

message 13: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments After reading Emerald Storm I felt better about Thrace/Modina. I just so liked her strenght in Avempartha I hated to see her so broken in Nyphron Rising. But I am glad Amilia gave her the support and care she needed, and the drive to help again.

Arista can't die!!! :) I am curious to see who comes to get her out of the mess she is in. Royce and Hadrian do have to get their own mess cleaned up and find the heir. Hadrian won't give up on that. Maybe they will end up here, but will it be in time to help Arista. Since they think the heir is Gaunt.

The Horn does have a big key to play here. That is where they picked up the 'new crew member'? This is the older gentlemen.

The Ghazel (a soon to be new problem for Avryn) believe there is going to be some big religious catastrophe to happen. Since they are close to the Horn, it seems to all lead to the same thing. Heir, Horn, religious catastrophe, Elves, Ghazel...

What do we have happening here? I can't wait to piece it all together. :) I have ideas of how it all connects but it is hard to say... anything could happen. Michael has done very well at leaving me guessing and surprising me in the end. I am enjoying it.

message 14: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments This is part of the fun for me reading books and finding others who like to think and speculate on the read. I love this part just about as much as reading the books. To me this makes the reads all the better. :)

message 15: by Ridan (new)

Ridan | 41 comments in time to help Arista....

Oh good point. At the end of Emerald Storm Wintertide is not that far away - maybe a month or two? And Saulder plans to roast Arista as part of the Wintertide wedding. Whoever is going to get her out better hurry up ;-)

And I agree this is just about as much fun as reading the books - a testiment to Michael's writing as he really puts a lot of stuff in there to keep us all speculating.

message 16: by Robin (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 268 comments Mod
I've not been on this thread for a long time - hard to keep my mouth shut. But really glad to see this exchange - it is fun to watch - but will be even better when I can join in with the rest of you.

message 17: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 56 comments Woo hoo! I can come in here now since I'm done with the book!

RE: Arcadius and Miranda. When Arista snuck into Aquesta and posed as the serving girl, I totally thought of Miranda at first. I was also surprised that neither showed up.

RE: the Horn. BLEEP IT, MICHAEL! Why the heck did you have to throw the whole apocolypse piece in there, too? Is 2012 getting to you, too? As if Riyria didn't already have enough to worry about.

RE: Arista. Who else picked up that Arista and Hadrian are totally and completely going to hook up? Come on, he loves her and doesn't know it (but Royce does), and I think in so many words, she will find out that she is in love with him. Come on, she's NOT in love with Hilfred, and besides, he's dead now. Who else is there?

Can't wait for Wintertide. Will be one heck of a book with all the rescuing that needs to go on?

message 18: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 56 comments So my other question is... what was Thrace going to say to Arista before she left, and who ratted out Arista? Did Thrace do it via Amelia, or did Amelia finally go to someone on her own? Maybe Nimbus? I don't think that Saldy is all knowing by any stretch and someone tipped him off.

message 19: by Amelia (new)

Amelia (narknon) | 17 comments Kathy wrote: "So my other question is... what was Thrace going to say to Arista before she left, and who ratted out Arista? Did Thrace do it via Amelia, or did Amelia finally go to someone on her own? Maybe N..."

I don't think Amilia tipped off Saldy. She didn't like Arista, but she went to all that effort to help them find Degan, why would she have Arista arrested right before she was going to leave. If nothing else, she wouldn't have done it because Thrace/Modina was so involved in it.

I thought it was some kind of warning system in the wards on the wall.

message 20: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 56 comments I don't think Saldy is all that bright when it comes to magic, regardless of his post in the church. I still think that someone ratted her out.

message 21: by Ridan (new)

Ridan | 41 comments Kathy wrote: "Woo hoo! I can come in here now since I'm done with the book!"

Kahty I find your comments here very entertaining. Love the 2012 comment!

And I'm so in your camp regarding Hadrian and Arista. The signs are subtle but there which makes me believe that's the case -- unless Michael really messess with us and off's one of them. With recent deaths I don't put anything past him. I was a bit worried about Royce in the latest book.

As to what Thrace was going to say....In my mind I think it was .. "Take me with you." I kinda think she lost all purpose and by helping Arista she had some ... with her gone... I don't want her to fall back into suicidal tendencies.

Nimbus -- there is something going on there. I don't know what but I suspect there is more "under covers"

I'm not convinced anyone "turned them Arista in", although its possible. I thought there was a discussion between Arista and Hilfred about someone hearing the Seret being killed ... I might be wrong. I know there was a water boy running around the courtyard so I just assumed they were overheard - but come to think of it someone ratting her out is more intriquing....

Also I think Amelia's ide of the walls is interesting as well.

message 22: by Amelia (new)

Amelia (narknon) | 17 comments Well, I had to defend Amilia, since she has practically the same name. I just don't think she would have been the one who ran to Saldy.

I also agree about Hadrian and Arista. She mentions something about being more than their employer, but also that they are her best friends, but just don't know it. I was sad that they didn't get another adventure together in this book, but I'm sure they'll be back together later.

Here's another thought I had, about the prophecy or foretelling about Royce from the woman in the forest (can't recall her name right now). She says something about Royce having two people he cared about and that one of the lights would go out. This scares me, because the two people that Royce cares about most is Gwen and Hadrian. Do you think either one could be in mortal danger? I'm really worrying about Gwen. (Michael couldn't let Hadrian die, could he?)

message 23: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 56 comments Now that you mention it, I am going to have to worry about Gwen. If you recall, the Tenkin seer women cannot see their own future but can see that of others. Gwen did say that if Royce didn't go with Hadrian, that Hadrian would die for sure. I know that it wasn't said specifically, but if Royce did go, then both would get back safely. Big leap there, but if Gwen can't see her future but someone else can, then she's in serious trouble in the next book. Maybe she needs to go see Myron in the abbey.

message 24: by Kristjan (new)

Kristjan (booktroll) The only real problem that I had with the story was the naval engagement; several common errors distracted me from the storyline so I did not enjoy it as much.

message 25: by Aarti (last edited May 20, 2010 12:09PM) (new)

Aarti (aartichapati) I am not done with this book yet, but I am totally fine with spoilers! Only about 70 pages to go now, so I should be done tonight.

I can't believe Esrahaddon died so... lamely. I am a bit disappointed with that and am also in a bit of disbelief that it happened in such a non-dramatic way! I was expecting explosions and fireworks! I guess even wizards can die in semi-peaceful manner. Shows how much I know!

I also see the Arista/Hadrian hints, but I don't think I like the two of them together. I suppose this book I am having trouble seeing it as they spend no time together, but hopefully in future they will have more time to make it more realistic and true. Arista needs to calm down on the man front, I think. She has three different guys in her mind at the same time!

I really like Wesley :-) He's a cutie.

I am a bit tired of all the dialect dialogue. Too many Vs! Too many Es!

I also think it's very possible Gwen or Hadrian will pass away, based on the prophecy. I don't see Hadrian dying until the very end of the series, though. I would miss him! He's my favorite besides the monk we haven't seen hide nor hair of since Crown Conspiracy.

message 26: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments I was bummed to lose Esra as well. I really loved his character. But I think the way he died shows how sly, careful, and devious Merrick is. This helps show how dangerous Merrick is, if he is able to kill a powerful wizard so easily.

As well as part of me wondered if Esra made a show of this because he needed to be off the board. Remember he had others "watching" him. This would have been a perfect opportunity to take to no longer be watched or heard. He could then go and get the true heir and do what needs to be done.

message 27: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments Ah, now to the fortelling by Fan Irlanu. This is a very informative piece and there is a lot here.

I am worried for Gwen as well with this. Is she the light that will burn out? The flickering one - is that Hadrian? So the lights could be Hadrian and Gwen. BUT...I am wondering if it is Hadrian and the heir... Just a thought here.

The woman that speaks in riddles and knows and prepares, I was wondering if this is Gwen. So, maybe just maybe, she isn't the light. ?

The journey of 10. That one I have to think on who will be on that trip. But it is to be lead by the woman (because she is used) who wears the light. I think this could be Arista. The dead guide the way - Ersa maybe? The battle - could the Elves be ready to fight for theirs again. The death and cold - could this be what Ersa was talking of with Uli Vermar. Royce being half human and half elf may be what the balance he has to choose. I think he may even be... I really don't want to say this as I don't really want to believe it, but I have wondered since the beginning... is he the heir? Or even if not the heir he will bring some balance between the Elves and Humans it stop the fighting and hate between them. I think it would be ironic and great for the heir to be half elf, since they are the two that fight.

Okay, way out there thoughts. What do you all think?

message 28: by Kathy (last edited May 24, 2010 02:50PM) (new)

Kathy | 56 comments Man, I'm going to have to go back to find the exact wording of that passage. If someone has it, would they post it here?

I took that the light was Hadrian and the flickering light was the heir. (Degan Gaunt, or maybe not. I'm not convinced that he really is.)

I also took the woman that speaks riddles as Gwen, at first take, but it could be someone we haven't seen yet. Miranda???

message 29: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hayden (melhay) | 37 comments If no one minds us posting the whole passage that would be great. But the fortelling by Far Irlanu starts on page 263, where she requests to see Royce and Hadrian.

I was thinking the light and flickering light are Hadrian and the Heir as well. (But I don't think the heir is Degan Gaunt either.)

I have forgot about Miranda when I typed that up. I may have to goback and rethink this a little bit after I think of all the characters who could be involved. Cool catch!

I am going to have to order myself a hard copy of the book. :) I find it easier to flip through my book as I am doing these discussions.

message 30: by Elise (new)

Elise (ghostgurl) | 56 comments Finally can check out this thread since I finished the book. I really loved it and the expansion of the world with new cultures.

I can see the hints of the relationship between Hadrian and Arista, but one thing. I might have to refresh my memory on the character Hilfred, but why set up a relationship between them only to have him killed off?

The Vintu are an interesting people, but it was really difficult reading the text in their accent.

I also didn't expect Wyatt's betrayal. Overall great book. I can't wait for Wintertide!

message 31: by Heather (new)

Heather (ham1299) | 232 comments Wyatt surprised me, too!

As for Hilfred, there were hints at something between them in earlier books (I'm thinking Avempartha). At least I think there was, if I'm remembering correctly.

message 32: by Robin (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 268 comments Mod
For me Hilfred's death was a blessing. He worshipped her and lived a tortured life because of it. I believe that Arista would have married him (as she said she would do) but it would be a one-sided love with her staying with him only because he loved her so much. I feel sorry for him and his death is tragic but sometimes tragic stories are the most rememberable ones.

message 33: by Heather (new)

Heather (ham1299) | 232 comments Robin wrote: "Elise,
For me Hilfred's death was a blessing. He worshipped her and lived a tortured life because of it. I believe that Arista would have married him (as she said she would do) but it would be a o..."

I would have to agree with you. It was tragic, but it was pretty clear by the end that she didn't return his love.

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