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The Man Who Folded Himself
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Susan | 6 comments Science fiction short story involving time travel. At the end, it turns out that all 5 (?) characters met during the course of the story are really the same person. Sort of a time loop?

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Dawn | 221 comments "All you zombies" by Heinlein?

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Jillian (jilliangs) | 48 comments Do you remember anything else about the characters? And do they include the dictator of a kingdom and a young student/researcher who gets a phone call followed by a hit over the head? My husband recently told me about a story with those characters and a time travel loop like the one you describe, so if it sounds right I'll get the title from him.

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Jillian (jilliangs) | 48 comments Turns out he was talking about another Heinlein story: "By His Bootstraps."

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Dawn | 221 comments doing some other reading...it might also be "the man who folded himself" by david gerrold.

I haven't personally read it, but wiki correlated it and both heinlein stories mentioned above.

Someday I'll find a copy of the david gerrold book, lol.

Susan | 6 comments Thanks, everyone. I'll check out all three of those. It's my husband who (vaguely) remembers the story, and really wants to read it again. I'll post again when I know more.

Susan | 6 comments update:
So far, we've found "By his Bootstraps" and "All you Zombies" (both short stories by Heinlein). My husband says neither one is exactly what was trying to find, though my take on it is that "All You Zombies" is exactly what he described. btw, for anyone who is interested, googling for "By his Bootstraps" will get you a downloadable pdf file at several sites.
We're still waiting for the library to come through with "The Man Who Folded Himself."

Susan | 6 comments @Musica - I think you're right, "Gideon the Cutpurse" is not it.

Susan | 6 comments Yay! Finally got The Man Who Folded Himself, and that's it! Only puzzle is that my husband was remembering a short story, and this is not. But we have to attribute that to time, I think. And it is short. Thanks, everyone!!!

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