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Scott Baker | 73 comments Please let me know what you think. THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS was published on 19 March 2010 by Shadowfire Press.

“I expected as much. The police never took Drake or I seriously.” Reese shook his head. “The truth is, the police screwed up that case. They had all the evidence in front of them and couldn’t recognize it. Or refused to. Only Drake had the courage to accept reality and to act accordingly.”
“And what was the reality?”
“That the police were not dealing with a serial killer but with a vampire.”
Jessica suppressed a sigh. A part of her had hoped that Reese would offer a more valid explanation. Something she could reasonably grasp on to. Nothing she had been told up to now made any sense, unless she was willing to believe that vampires existed. She had not reached that point yet.
“As a historian, you should know there are no such things as vampires.”
“How do you know?”
“Well, for one thing, no one has ever seen a vampire.”
“No one has ever seen God. Does that mean he doesn’t exist?” Reese raised an eyebrow, apparently pleased at his logic. He gestured toward the books lining the shelves. “Besides, the historical records are filled with references to vampires. If you look at the folklore of almost every major culture, they contain stories about the undead living off of human blood. Such legends begin in Asia and the Middle East, and track with the spread of vampires into Europe. The contemporary vampire legends from the Balkans were brought into Europe by the Mongol invasions.”
“Hold on.” Jessica tried to control her frustration. “You don’t honestly expect me to buy all this, do you?”
“Drake said pretty much the same thing. Even told me I was crazy. And I’m sure you agree.”
“I don’t mean to imply--”
“Yes, you do. And I don’t blame you.” Reese spoke with patience and understanding. “I began reading vampire legends as a morbid sidebar to my regular studies. It took years of research, but eventually the evidence became too much for me to ignore. I finally accepted that vampires exist. You don’t have to believe what I tell you. But like I told Drake, believe the evidence.”
Jessica thought about the evidence she had accumulated. An intelligent young boy who adamantly claimed he had been attacked by a monster. Three-hundred-year-old bone fragments from a corpse that had led police on a high-speed chase through Washington. If she listened to Reese’s advice, the evidence led her to a conclusion she still could not accept.
Reese sensed her trepidation. “I know it’s difficult to grasp. But that doesn’t negate the fact that vampires have lived among us for centuries. They use wars, invasions, and pandemics to migrate undetected. They feed off of the homeless, criminals, prostitutes, anyone whose absence would go unnoticed and who the police would not waste resources trying to find. God knows how many missing persons were actually a midnight snack for the undead.”
Jessica shook her head, still unconvinced. “This sounds so fantastic.”
“It’s never easy to imagine the unimaginable. You have to suspend your disbelief, accept the facts, and tell yourself vampires do exist.”
“When I think of vampires, I think of Bram Stoker and Dracula.”
Reese leaned back in his chair and smiled. “Stoker was the best thing to happen to vampires. He romanticized them, made the respectable. Thanks to him, the true horror of these creatures has been forgotten.”
“Hollywood has done a pretty good job--”
“Hollywood has aided vampires more than anyone else.” Reese spat out the sentence, showing an uncharacteristic anger. His tone, however, quickly lost its edge. “They’ve made vampires culturally acceptable. In truth, there are no vampires with souls battling evil. No underground organization of the undead controlling corporate America. No good-natured creatures of the night looking for human sympathy or a way to fit into society. Vampires are pure evil.
“Even worse, Hollywood has generated so many falsehoods about vampires that it’s almost impossible to separate myth from reality.”
“How so?”
“For one thing, vampires don’t sleep in coffins filled with soil from their homeland. They only need to stay out of the sunlight. They can’t turn into bats, wolves, or mist. They’re not repelled by religious symbols, and can enter hallowed ground like a church or cemetery. And they cast reflections in mirrors. Holy water won’t kill them, but it’ll hurt like hell and slow them down a bit. A lot of amateur vampire hunters went into battle without knowing the facts and didn’t live long enough to make it into the pros.”
“How do you know all this?”
“From the memoirs.” Reese said matter-of-factly.
“Now you’re kidding.”
“Thousands of vampires have existed over the centuries. You don’t think it’s conceivable that some of them kept diaries? There’s even rumors of a Vampyrnomicon, a Book of the Undead. Although no one has ever been able to prove its existence.”
“You have a copy of one of these diaries?”
“I wish.” Reese exhaled quickly, part chuckle, part snort. He spoke rapidly, his pace increasing as he became more excited. “I read one several years ago while visiting a monastery in France. They belonged to Andre Augustine, a minor nobleman from Avignon who was turned when vampires ravaged their way across southern France during the Black Death. It dealt with how he had been turned, how he turned others, the realities and myths surrounding vampires, everything. It’s the Bible for vampirologists.”
“Is he still alive?”
“No. Over the centuries Andre went from being a minor nobleman to a member of the aristocracy. During the French Revolution he stayed behind in Paris, hoping to use the chaos to hide his feasting. Instead, Robespierre sent him to the guillotine. Kind of ironic, though. Frances’s vampire community suffered heavily during the Reign of Terror because the Revolution developed the only form of execution that proved effective in killing vampires. Beheading. At least a dozen masters were killed during the 1790s. Almost completely eradicated the Paris coven.”
Reese’s enthusiasm was contagious. Jessica found herself growing fond of him despite his idiosyncrasies. “You enjoy this way too much.”
“I know.” Reese’s enthusiasm drained away. He became sullen and serious. Leaning forward, he rested his elbows on his knees and fixed his gaze on Jessica. “I really do enjoy this. I’m enthralled by the history and the research. But my involvement has been purely theoretical. I’ve never hunted a vampire. Hell, I‘ve never even seen one. Hunting them is Drake’s job, and he’s a natural at it. Him and Alison.”
“You make it sound like a calling. Like the priesthood.”
“In a way it is. Most of the original hunters were holy men. Priests. Monks. Rabbis. Mullahs. Though most of them never lasted more than a few years before being killed. Some were turned themselves and had to be killed by other hunters. I’d hate to see either of those fates befall Drake.”

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Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
OOOO.....I LIKE!!!! ;-)

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Creature | 124 comments Way to go Scott; very interesting!!!
The "Creature"

message 4: by Scott (new)

Scott Baker | 73 comments Thanks. I tried to set up a new and unique vampire mythos.

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Creature | 124 comments Hey Scott:
You do realize that now you must write the mentioned tome , the "Vampyrnomicon!!!" I want it on my desk by the first of May. You can do it (LOL).
Great minds think alike. My vamps are surly different from yours but some of the traits both have mirror the others. Interesting, As Mr. Spock would say.
Have a Great Day!!!
John (aka, the "Creature")
P.S. I will read your book. Looking forward to it!!!

message 6: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
I WANT IT ON MY DESK TOO!!!!!!!! lol, still workin on the legend my vamps, but their in a whole other demension, along with witches and weres and demons, oh my, lmfao ;-)

message 7: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
*whispers* Hey Scott, is there any sex? And I mean a good down and dirty bump and grind scene, not no twilight b---s--- ROFLMFAO!!!! For real, enquiring minds want to know.......;-)

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Raquel (uf_junkie) | 443 comments It's great Scott! I'm definitely curious to read the rest And congrats to all your hard work! :D

Tiffany wrote: "*whispers* Hey Scott, is there any sex? And I mean a good down and dirty bump and grind scene, not no twilight b---s--- ROFLMFAO!!!! For real, inquiring minds want to know.......;-)"

Tiff you kink lmfao!
*Whisper to Tiff* Good thing you asked that because I'd like to know too! }:)

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Scott Baker | 73 comments THE VAMPYRNOMICON figures prominently in books two and three of the trilogy. I had a hell of a time (pun intended) researching and writing it.

No human sex in the first book, though I do build up the sexual tension between the two main characters. There's some vampire sex -- and of course, they like it rough. I enjoyed writing those scenes, too.

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Raquel (uf_junkie) | 443 comments Scott M. wrote: There's some vampire sex -- and of course, they like it rough. I enjoyed writing those scenes, too. "

lmao hooray! *high five Scott* (I'm a nerd I know)

What is UF without good ol' rough vamp sex? }:)

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Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
*does happy dance* *sinsong voice* They get some nooky/Its gonna b kinky ROFLMFAO

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Creature | 124 comments All right Scott; Vampyrnomicon here we come!!!
Have a Great Day!!!
John (aka, the "Creature")

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Scott Baker | 73 comments I have a lot more sex in my new book -- vampire and human, and human on human.

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Scott Baker | 73 comments I prefer geek. Thanks to THE BIG BANG THEORY, we're chic now. :-)

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Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
WE WERE ALWAYS CHIC!!!! Just noone else realized it!!! lmfao

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Creature | 124 comments As If!!!

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Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
Scott, on the add book/author, is your book on there?

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Scott Baker | 73 comments Not yet. I haven't figured out how to do that.

message 19: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
I'll ask and find out. I'll b back on in about a week.

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