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(start here)

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Lindy walked around looking for her next victim

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Rose bumped into Lindy

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"Sorry." Lindy said quietly

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"im sorry 2 i should watch were im going" rose said

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Lindy smiled politely, "It happens." she said

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"yeah" Rose said and smiled

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Lindy caught Rose's scent and realized she could not be a victim but was another vampire. "Well I better go." she said

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"if your looking for a vitcim you should head over there" Rose said pointing east from where she was

"there are alot of chocies there"

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"Thanks." Lindy said

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"no problem" Rose said

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"I'm Lindy." she said, "And you are?"

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"Im Rose"

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"Well Rose it's nice to meet you." Lindy said

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"Its nice to meet you 2 Lindy" Rose said

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Lindy smiled slightly and then started walking east for a victim

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Rose walked west

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Lindy started to jog lightly

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((she can have powers if u want her 2))

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((okay thnks))

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((no problem))

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Jesse was playing football with a couple of his friends.

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Rose walked to a open feild and saw a bunch of boys playing football

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Jesse tackled the guy with the ball and laughed as he threw the guy into some mud.

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Rose sat on the grass on the side and watched from a distance

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Jesse and his friends played for a ten more minutes before people started to leave.

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when people started to leave Rose wennt over to Jesse and said "hi"

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Jesse turned to look at her. "Hey." he said, and smiled at her.

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she smiled and said "I'm Rose"

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"I'm Jesse, nice to meet you." Jesse said.

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"nice to meet you Jesse" Rose said with a smile

((im gonna give her the power of seduction lol cus im bored))

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((okay, haha))

Jesse smiled back, and ignored his friends as they said good-bye. "What're you doing here?" he asked in an un-rude sounding way.

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"i got lost in the woods" Rose said

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"Oh, that sucks. Do you need help getting back to your house or... wherever you need to go?" Jesse asked.

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"im actually new in town i got sperated from my parents when we got here i just need a place to stay for the night and then i can go looking for my family in the morning" Rose said

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"Well you could stay at my place if you want..." Jesse mumbled.

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"really?" Rose asked sweetly looking into his eyes

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Jesse blushed, and smiled at her sheepishly. "Y-Yeah. Sure you can."

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"thanks i really appreacate it" Rose said sweetly

((g2g bye))

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"It's nothing." Jesse said.

((aww... bye))

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Rose smiled

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Jesse smiled back.

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"so is this what you adn your friends do for fun around here?" Rose asked

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"We play football, and go to movies." Jesse told her.

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"sounds fun" Rose said

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"Yeah... kinda." Jesse shrugged.

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"are there any good movies out?" Rose asked

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"Um... Bounty Hunter was pretty good." Jesse shrugged.

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"what is it about?" Rose asked

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"Haven't you seen the commercials?" Jesse asked her.

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