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Evee They'd sent Alexis alone, as usual, because two people looked too conspicuous. As soon as she reached the Tampa, Florida she was supposed to meet up with her connection. He had come on another plane the day before. Then they would then both head to exchange site. It all would have been a very smooth transaction. That is, if that bird hadn't flown at the plane so high, it was really unusual actually, but then again unusual things happened. That's why she had her job. Anyway, if the bird hadn't flown so high it wouldn't have been caught in the turbines, and if it hadn't been caught in the turbines the engine wouldn't have exploded and if the engine hadn't exploded then the plane wouldn't have crashed and if the plane hadn't crashed she would have reached the Bahamas and if she'd reached the Bahamas. . .well unusual things happen.
She'd only had time to grab the case before she'd seen the ground. Her last thought had been, "This is going to hurt."

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Sevania (sevthedev) Ella was a girl who lived in the Bahamas. She noticed a strange cloud of smoke coming from the horizon. 'what is that', she wondered. "oh well it's nothing."

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