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message 1: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) well... the warriors books: Outcast and Twilight, by Erin Hunter they're about cats, btw!
and im gonna read Rifles for Watie, by Harold Keith, next!

message 2: by Kenzie (new)

Kenzie I just finished the host and Where the Red Fern Grows. They were good.

message 3: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) yep, i did! btw, thanks for warning me bout lennie, or i might've cried at the end... IN CLASS!! i would have been sooooooooo embarassed, so thanks! i really like that book, just so u know! i disagree w/ ur opinion of it!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I just finished Dark Celebration. It was really good, my type of book ( vampires ).

message 5: by Stef (new)

Stef (buch_ratte) | 6 comments Last book I finished was The Blue Bottle Club by Penelope J. Stokes :-(

Nope, haven't read any CSI book yet. I rather watch the DVDs again and again :-)

message 6: by Erica, Assistant Moderator (new)

Erica | 38 comments Mod
i really wish there was more books on csi and stuff it doesn't seem to be a very popular topic on books. but let me say, i would be a reading freak if there were more!!!

message 7: by Gwen (new)

Gwen I did read all the CSI books that are available here in the Netherlands. I really like them, most of them are very well-written and you can easily imagine it being an episode.

message 8: by Erica, Assistant Moderator (new)

Erica | 38 comments Mod
I'm currently reading The Circle of Blood. it's a very good medical examination/coroner book! and it includes a few csi moments so i'm happy.

CaptKirk42 Classic Whovian (klandersen) | 63 comments RE: CSI books. I haven't read any of them, haven't looked for them either yet.

I recently finished Charisma by Michael G. Coney its labeled as sci-fi due to the time travel part, but it is also sort of a mystery/love story. When I have time I'll write a review of it (I usually post my book reviews on my blog.) This book I got as the result of a mix-up on Ebay. I had purchased a couple of books from a seller, one being actually another book by Michael Coney titled "Cat Karina" which I had read and wanted to get a better copy than the one I had. Well "Charisma" was sent instead, (same author books were next to each other on their shelf). The seller was cool, I could have returned the book for a straight return, but I was interested in this title also so I paid for the extra book (didn't have to pay any extra postage) and the original ordered book was sent a few days later.

message 10: by Sam (new)

Sam (ecowitch) I've recently finished reading Dante's Inferno as it came under the classics banner for one of the book clubs I'm a member of and was actually pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed it. Now I'm reading the Lions of Tsavo and The Vampyre and Other Stories of the Macabre and I'm enjoying both.

I've only read two of the CSI books so far, both based on the Vegas team and have enjoyed both and found that they kept up with changes in the show like people leaving and Greg becoming a field agent. I've got a CSI NY to read next and I'm hoping it's going to be as good as the other two. My local library has quite a good selection of the CSI books...thankfully...and it seems to have quite a good selection of CSI related books generally but I'm putting that down to the influence of Cardiff University and nothing more sinister...

message 11: by Sam (new)

Sam (ecowitch) I've recently finished the CSI New York book, I mentioned above and it was very good, although a bit odd with Detective Angell in it as in the series here she just died. It was handy that the author stated at the front which two episodes the book fell between :-)

message 12: by Gwen (new)

Gwen Sam wrote: "I've recently finished the CSI New York book, I mentioned above and it was very good, although a bit odd with Detective Angell in it as in the series here she just died. It was handy that the auth..."

Is that the book 'Four Walls'? I'm currently reading that, so far I love it. But in the Dutch translation there wasn't stated between which episodes it fell. That would have been handy, although these episodes probably haven't aired here yet. The Miami books are quite good as well, I like them better than the series. But my favourites are still the Vegas ones. What are yours?

message 13: by Robyn (new)

Robyn (bamamom) | 12 comments I didn't know about the CSINY book sounds interesting. I read mostly romance and mysteries with humor in them. Just finished reading The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas, enjoyed them very much.

message 14: by Gwen (new)

Gwen I'm currently reading CSI Miami: Right to die, which is a great book. It's quite surprising at some times, although it is still definately a CSI Miami book, which holds a lot of 'action' compared to the other series.

message 15: by CaptKirk42 Classic Whovian (last edited Nov 18, 2009 08:04AM) (new)

CaptKirk42 Classic Whovian (klandersen) | 63 comments Last night I just finished.
Mop Men: Inside the World of Crime Scene Cleaners. by Alan Emmins.

Nice read. The author spent a month following and working with a Crime Scene Cleaners service in San Francisco, CA. It is sort of a mix of being a CSI novel from the Crime Scene Cleaners point of view and a small section of an authors autobiography about a specific book. I almost categorized it as "Philosophy" because the author often tells about what death means to him and how his experiences that he chronicles in this book has affected his views.

Cierra Buckles me too

message 17: by Naatm (new)

Naatm (lastchancetosing) | 1 comments Marco wrote: "Anyone read CSI books? How are they?"

The CSI books are really good, at least to my concern. My favorite author for them would be Max Allen Collins. I've only read the CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, due to the fact I prefer the characters.

message 18: by April (new)

April I only two two the CSI books. I like 'em.

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