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Annemarie Carlson (annielawlz) | 3393 comments Mod
So I was bored. Really, really bored. You can't even comprehend my level of boredom. So, because I was so bored I decided to type of the three word story posts, in their entirety.

I am orange and I have a cat named pumpernickel who hates my Uncle Trisha because she ate a monkey tail. Which tasted like poo-poo monkey crud. So she jumped to the movies and fell sleep for three weeks, on a pizza. Which she ate, and gained weight until she couldn’t move anymore. So she hired an ugly butler who smelled like fresh spring roses.

The butler loved eating little children who have big feet and a pretty little pony so he could ride it to work and help save zebras at the unwanted pet shop, that looked like a shack.

In a port-a-potty painted hot pink in the town of Dr.Suess’s Hooville. In a dustball with cat hair and moose fur that needed cleaning but know one could see it except for the butler, and kitty pumpernickel, who was fat and liked to eat pizza, a lot. And liked a boy named Exsaveeor with big ears and a big head, a loud mouth, and rude feet, and a hot brother named Dipablo who smelled.

Is a cat, a dog said his brother Dipablo. The last one.

Fate, it sucks. It suck terribly. My only problem. I will die. At some point. Yes, too true. We’ll all die. I am dead. No, you aren’t. I fell lifeless. That’s not emo. I floated away. I fell down. And scraped my Hearts were hurt. All Hitler's fault. Was the Holocaust. He’s the reason. That I died.
((Then Dayna starts a new one))

Allie went to the world below. It was orange. Fiery, orange. Burning. Allie’s eyes hurt, much more so she ate pie it was apple. But not Pineapple. Or cherry cobbler. Or key lime. She then approached an old man named Miley Bieber who had a I love love shirt that was a dinosaur and a purple starfish that had a pet that was pink and green and was striped, with one green and one pink leg that always happened to be up her nose and know one loved flying.

Felt pretty bad about what happened. He went to yoga to stretch all of his body parts and then he was so bored that he got run over.

Went bungee jumping by a vampire in a black, expensive, fast car. It was a very bad day for him but not for the vampire who had a tasty snack. “"Delicious!" he said. Screams were heard and people ran. Rose is red and white too. Things are crazy in my life where everything’s green and pigs fly over golden waterfalls.

With a cape with the psycho kidnapped rich girl. Three word story was very fun. Hadn’t though much about you lately, but I remember how you always burp and snort after you drink iced lemon tea and drink a banana spilt and deiced habanera(sp?) peppers.

I laughed hard and my ribs hurt. Then the food came to life and ate my mother and father. They screamed and ran away to the big purple water tank in the bizarre neighborhood of only Felix the Cats and biker geeks who always wore pink sweatshirts with neon orange converses.((Cassie is cracking up at this point.)) While girls watched I Love Lucy and Gilmore Girls but their T.Vs suddenly shut off and spontaneously combusted and they clawed all the couches with lace and black doilies with pink ribbons and yellow sequins. Which make people eat peanut butter and take showers every single night except when they have to go to the bathroom and there is a monster who likes to lick people’s feet if they get close. Shaggy dogs are the cutest monsters.

My favorite thing in the world is the brightest stars at night. My little sister is such a silly nut, but I love her. Squirrels are not annoying little buggi’s. Sean is my characters new boyfriend. Shadows are evil, I despise them very much. They never think about what I want my characters to smell like or how much I need them.

But Santa Claus did not want to deliver presents that year. “I cannot do this.” He said with an attitude and serious bad breath, with an elf on Santa’s head the elf was brushing his hair and his beard, even though Santa was demanding he shave it off. The elf was very spiteful towards Santa because he yelled at him and smacked him on the head. Elf ran away, far into the candy cane forest away from evil Santa Claus, who steals toys and cookies too, from little children.

And he met an evil little gingerman who steals candy from a princes named Farquaad the princes decided to get rid of the mice eating the gingerman by planning a flute full of cheese. Yummy cheese. The princes played a Mozart piece while riding on a big bike. And it worked!

The gingerbread man ran far away in to NYC said the cat. But in NY everything changes into cheddar cheese pudding which tastes like NACHO CHEESE! So then the pudding jumped off a tall, tall skyscraper and went SPLAT! Splattering on the big fat man who has a huge fat belly. The man screamed because he saw a huge cockroach, and the cockroach bit the big fat lady on the beautiful park bench.

The stupid girl saw the fat ear, even though the lady was trying to get away from the big fat cockroach on the pavement. caboose. “OUCH!!!EEK!” She said. The huge cockroach hand. “Oh, my.”

“What are we going to do?” She thought. “I know, I’ll kill the cockroach.” The lady thought.

The cockroach would only make a loud squeaking noise if she did have to eat a big fat lady. Who could stand on her toes without falling. The darkness is clouding the lady’s peripheral vision and corrupting her thought.

The vampire is closing in on the chocolate milk, the lady is very weird today, a cockroach is climbing up a telephone pole. The lady bug flies to the lady holding a brand new chocolate milk jug. Today the lady couldn’t stand anymore trauma in her life so she stabbed her cat((My thoughts-poor kitty)) with an immense zest for power.

Then she wanted a Popsicle to seize the flames and then she ate the Popsicle. The Popsicle was yummy and delicious but it was not filling enough for him so he had to eat a brownie. The brownie tasted like oatmeal and smelled of pig and chicken butt. The girl wanted to stop eating those chicken butts so she decided to stop. So her mouth tasted like chicken butts no longer. Yay!

Finally she was on her way to the park to sit on a bench near the deep pond. The girl’s name was Bella Swan. Bella was in trouble because she was in Forks where creepy vampires live in a house at the end of the woods, they don’t have blood to drink. Bella wiped her stinky feet on Jacob’s gross, nasty fur the whined. “Gosh, your fur is so nasty.” After that she killed herself and had a funeral then Edward killed his pet iguana that ate pie on Saturday mornings while watching cartoons. Then he killed a speedy fly with speedy reflexes that hated Twilight also killed Jacob. Then he started to eat faces then he killed himself forever. So there was peace and happiness and they ate birthday cake and all the crazy-core skittles went to the moon! It was a brilliant night.

The next morning Bella woke up. A little child

“You, suck Bella!” I boy near Bella said.

Bella yawned and grabbed her pink pen and stabbed the boy who killed Lady Gaga. Then Bella ran to jump off a steep cliff and die forever. The fans were happy that she was no werewolf. She was now a were-pire who ate yummy. She started to eat her boyfriend who so happens to be a stuntman who promptly jumped over a large bus, then he saved a child from a burning building. Bella started to clap obnoxiously then cry because she wanted an ice-cream cone and the stuntman wasn’t buying her one!

So she began to dig through to slap the person standing beside her and scream. “GIMMEE AN ICE YOU JERKS, I NEED ONE!”

Then, she threw herself on the child and grabbed the stuntman while yelling: “I WANT ICECREAM!”

He walked away and Bella ran after him, twisting her finger in an inhumanly way around her other fingers. The man screamed in horror and jumped back onto a unicycle and whistled for a cab to pick him up from the scene she threw a huge cruise ship at some writers who said she ruined their brand new limo.

After they had found buried treasure at the pirate ship, down in the enchanting sea. Soon, she had a rubber duck and it came with a knife in its hand. It really wanted a monkey with peanut butter and would do anything that contains bubble wrap and a fushia baton and dress that smelled like a bunny’s behind on fire.

Later, the zombies ate a huge apple. That apple was smelly and had worms in it, they called the health department who kept the apple inside a binder. They giggled at this hysterically worm, dancing the electric slide all of the sudden. They all did the electric slide again and then drank beer and ate some danish. They the, went to the store and rode on a flying carpet down produce aisle in Walmart in hot Arizona. then they went to the zoo and saw the horrific sparkling vampires showing their teeth and then they killed and ate the oranges at Walmart.

Walmart was not available to bring anymore oranges to the zoo. So they left the zoo employees out in the pouring rain and thunder storm. So they ate apples and drank tea ‘till they were so bloated, that they hurled bouncing balls at clowns until they were arrested. In prison they befriended us and gave us some extra food to eat while they were waiting for the new jailer to let them out.

We are not happy and threw a teddy bear at an old lady-

And thats it!

Oh, and just letting you know, I did edit a couple things here and there, just some commas and periods and stuffs, but not much. :)

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Ky (poeticshark) | 10786 comments oh wow

♫♥Selena♥♫ (wertyiu102) | 338 comments BWAHAhAHAHAH

Man... Sigh.. good times.. chicken butts.. My dad likes them, you know. Yech

♫♥Selena♥♫ (wertyiu102) | 338 comments It took me five minutes to read that??? O__O

message 5: by Emily (new)

Emily It took me like, ten...

message 6: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) | 10724 comments ogm. i cannot believe you just did that for us! how nice! now here is a new assignment: delete all the other posts and update with this one. ((jk))

♫♥Selena♥♫ (wertyiu102) | 338 comments O___o

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Ellen | 870 comments ♫♥Selena♥♫ wrote: "BWAHAhAHAHAH

Man... Sigh.. good times.. chicken butts.. My dad likes them, you know. Yech"

So does mine. I think it's a male thing.

♫♥Selena♥♫ (wertyiu102) | 338 comments It's so crazy. maybe it's an Asian male ting. Are you Asian?

Or your dad?

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message 11: by Emily (new)

Emily XD! Thank you!

message 12: by Ellen (new)

Ellen | 870 comments ♫♥Selena♥♫ wrote: "It's so crazy. maybe it's an Asian male ting. Are you Asian?

Or your dad?"

No were not.

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Isaac | 8014 comments That's amazing.

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