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My novel, "Two Kinds of Color," is the compelling story of a mother's love and sacrifice for her racially divided children. Two of them are white and two are black ... raised in a hustler's brutal environment in an all black ghetto on the South Side of Chicago.

In the underlying belly of where things count, it's about what it's like to have the loyalty and love of a real best friend. From the true heart of the matter, it's about the breaking and then the making of a family.

"Two Kinds of Color" is available at Amazon/Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble. You can also visit me on facebook, or my website. I'm so grateful for all the love and support this novel is getting.

Always best regards,
Deborah Kennedy

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Thanks for letting me into the group. I'm learning my way around Goodreads. It is so tempting for a writer to intrude on groups like this just to promote their book. After going through various sections of this group, and others, I think it's best not to do that.

I'm so busy these days with marketing my current book, placing ads, and playing nice writer. I've hardly had time to read or go back to writing. I hope you will still have space for me when I become more active. I'm cutting and pasting this on the few groups I've joined; cooling my ambition. Great group!

Always best regards,

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