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The Writing Process

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Tiffini Johnson (tiffinijohnson) | 18 comments Mod
I am frequently asked about the writing process, and am excited about the opportunity to discuss my characters and their stories! Ask away!

message 2: by Brendan (new)

Brendan Characters first? Or plots first?

message 3: by Tiffini (new)

Tiffini Johnson (tiffinijohnson) | 18 comments Mod
Don't laugh at me, please, but the truth is, I usually have a character that appears to me first. In "The Character", for instance, I saw Ash for about two weeks before I really understood what the plot was going to be. He said very little, but he was always hanging around the back of my mind. I'd see him periodically throughout the day. Then, one day, I was just driving along and I saw the first "scene" (which is what ends up being part of a chapter). Normally, I then work up a brainstorming page, called The Summary, which gives me a basic rough draft of the major events in the book. This is followed by character sketches of all the important characters, followed by a very detailed outline, followed by a day to just read a book before I start one (because once I start writing a story, I can't stop to read anything). Whichever character appeared to me first usually then guides me through the book. In one of the books, the main girl vehemently protested just about every other paragraph until I fixed it the way she wanted ;-). "The Character" followed none of these guidelines. I did not have a Summary, character sketches or an outline and I wrote Chapter 8 first. Ash did dictate it to me, but the chapters came to me at random, and I just wrote whatever "scene" the characters wanted me to, then I put them in a cohesive fashion and started work on editing.

The strange part is that once I write the final word, the character who has been haunting me immediately goes away. This is how I always know that the story is finished.

Like I said, I'd appreciate no laughing ;-)

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Patrick Lee (mootfowl2) | 13 comments Hello,
I just signed in as a follower :)
Hope to check in every day to see what you are doing and comment when I can. I like your approach to crafting a novel; kind of from the inside out. Whatever works best. I suppose the important thing is to get the first draft completed, and then begin the (ugh) editing with a sharp knife.
Anxious to read more.
Hey, a general question. Help! I tried to post a piece I wrote a few years ago. It shows the title in my "Writing" link, but the story will not appear!???
I copy and paste from a word doc. on my Mac, but nothing appears. No help menu at Goodreads. Any ideas why it won't show up?

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Tiffini Johnson (tiffinijohnson) | 18 comments Mod
Hi Patrick!

Thanks for the interest: if you do have a chance to read "The Character", I'd be very happy to know your thoughts on it!

To each writer, their own, I say, in regards to the writing process. I really don't think there is a "right" way to write. I've taken some rather harsh criticism for how real my characters seem to me. Still, that relationship with the characters (which only lasts for the duration of the novel) is part of what makes writing so much fun for me!

As to your question, hm. I'm assuming "Garciella" (sp?) is the title of the work in question? I unfortunately have no good advise for you here. I use wordpress (and Facebook) for my blogging purposes and whenever I create a new blog at wordpress, it automatically shows up here on Goodreads (which I think is totally cool!) I might try again? Maybe it was a system thing? Sorry I can't be of more help in this regard!

I do, however, look forward to learning more about your writing :-)


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