I loved reading these YA books in the 70's or 80's! discussion

Do you remember these books? > Anyone read the 80's Twilight Series?

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message 1: by Sheri S. (last edited Jun 16, 2010 04:45PM) (new)

Sheri S. (sheaxma) | 88 comments Mod
Do you remember reading Watery Grave Watery Grave (Twilight series) by Joseph Trainor , The Power The Power (Twilight Series No. 2) by Betsy Haynes , The Haunted Dollhouse The Haunted Dollhouse (Twilight series) by Susan Blake , Blink of the Mind Blink of the Mind (Twilight Series No 5) by Dorothy Brenner Francis , Family Crypt Family Crypt (Twilight #20) by Joseph Trainor and Voices in the Dark Voices in the Dark (Twilight Series) by James Haynes ? I think there were more titles, but I can't remember them; I know I read the entire series, though! And unfortunately they are now out of print. They were innocuous, thrilling, mystery, paranormal-type stories, but, looking back at the pictures of the covers, they do look pretty freaky!!

ilovebakedgoods (Teresa) (ilovebakedgoods) Ohhh, I don't think I read any of these but I wish I had!

message 3: by Debi (new)

Debi (debjm51) I haven't read any of these but going to see if my library has then and at least try a couple now. :D!

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Debi (debjm51) Okay I couldn't find any of these books at our library but I did find one of Betsy Haynes books WITCHES OF WAKEMAN so I am going to try that one..smiles.

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Amy B (amydawn96) Freaking looking covers!

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Paty | 3 comments Loved loved loved this series!!! I gobbled them as soon as they hit the library. I remember Blood Red Roses...that was so not a young adult book!! It was creepy with a very disturbed sociopath singing as she killed people. I have never forgotten that one!!! Well, now it looks like I"m gonna have to find them for my collection. Thanx for the memories!!!

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Paty | 3 comments BTW, there is another series similar to these...The Dark Forces series. Those were just a creepy.

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Sheri S. (sheaxma) | 88 comments Mod
Oh my gosh, Paty, I totally forgot about Blood Red Roses until you mentioned it! And I also read the Dark Forces series, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember the name of it! So now I'll be on a goodreads/amazon/library finds/google search in to order to find the titles and authors to add to my Goodreads "YA read list"!

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Kris Devereux (ckohara) | 3 comments oh HECK yes i LOVED blood red roses (sighs) and i FOUND it at amazon "new" is over (shuuder) almost $300 but used is under $2


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C | 12 comments oh wow, I had forgotten all about these series - I ate them up!

message 12: by Kris (new)

Kris Devereux (ckohara) | 3 comments or it WAS $2 used now it's about $10 used (sighs)

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Kathryn (sscarllet) | 3 comments Looks like nostalgia is raising the price!

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