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Luke (lukefayz) | 94 comments Chapter 3
“Wait, so Sam was shooting the little girl with flames from his hands!?” Riley questioned. We had already checked each other’s houses, despite the comments from other kids that everyone over 15 was gone. After several break downs, we decided to crash at my house. Each of them got a change of clothes from their houses, and the second we reached home we took hour long turns trying to de-stress in the milieu of a nice, warm shower. Riley’s dressed in white basketball shorts and matching basketball shoes and his jersey, which was his favorite outfit. He was pacing back and forth crazily. I’m dressed in black converse high tops, my favorite pair of skinny jeans, and a t-shirt reading the title of a band called “Monster Island,” laying down on my couch in disbelief. Jim’s sitting uncomfortably at my dining room table in black skate shoes, black skinny jeans with a tight fitting black t-shirt that show of his meek figure, and staring off into space with a worried expression worn on his face.
I decided not to mention my water abilities, though; I didn’t want to freak out my friends. They’ve been through enough already, what with Riley losing his girlfriend to the FAYZ and Jim being beaten by his father. Plus, Sam being some sort of murderer didn’t make it any better.
“Well, what do we do now!? We certainly can’t trust anything Sam says or does! He’s a freakish murderer!” reasoned Riley.
“How is he freakish?” Jim questioned, surprisingly bold.
“For Jesus’ sake, Jim, he shot fire out of his hands! Anyone that can do that has to be some kind of mutant or something. Alien, hahahaha, a freak show, right Jim?”
That comment brought Jim to sit back down in defeat. Riley turned his frustration towards me. “And how did you see this? How could you even get in the building without burning up yourself? Unless you’re just a freak like Sam?”
“Riley, are you really going to question a friend in the time of crisis. Of course I’m not a freak. And I saw it through the window at the back, I wasn’t in the building.”
“You’re right, Ned, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be questioning you. I just miss Rebecca. I shouldn’t be taking my anger out on you.” I didn’t want to respond, in fear that it might hint at my having powers. Aware of the awkwardness in the air, he followed up with “It’s getting late, I’m just gonna go to the bathroom then crash in your guest room.”
Thank God he wouldn’t sleep in the same room as Jim and I; I need to talk to him. He seemed to feel the same.
“Ned…I…I think this is all my fault. I have the power. I’m a freak.”
“Jim…you’re not a freak. It’s not a bad thi—“
“I can pull electricity out from nowhere and…blast it. My father beats me because I showed him the power. I’ve known for awhile now.”
“You’re not alone. There’s you, Sam, and…me.” Afraid of his response, I resist the urge to demonstrate. But the pure liquid coming from my icy glass of water gave me courage. I raised my palms outward and lift them, the water follows. Jim disappears.

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Nice! Again, I really like it. Especially the 'Jim disappears' line. You're good at those chapter cliff hanger things. But do you mean like...literally disappears or bolts?
I don't see anything I don't like but this sentence,
"and we the second we reached",--might want to be fixed because I didn't under stand:)

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Luke (lukefayz) | 94 comments :) thanks where is that? i cant find it hahaha :P

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Uhm...I can't find it now, lol.
Oh, converses and skinny jeans kick ass!

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Luke (lukefayz) | 94 comments hahahaha yeah

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Danyon (evergrand) | 17 comments sorry to say but this isn't good..... it's AWESOME. HOLY FRIC DUDE!!!!..."takes a couple of deep breaths".. lol sorry about that. I get serious when something is this cool. TO chapter 4 :)

in the phrase "we took hour long turns trying to de-stress in the milieu of a nice, warm shower." you put milieu instead of middle. french FTW! :)

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Luke (lukefayz) | 94 comments im not french, i just like that word hahahaha

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I always thought FTW was someones other way of saying WTF.
*shrugs* I was wrong lol

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