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message 1: by Zojar (new)

Zojar | 259 comments I love the music in Twilight, it's very 'moody' very like the books. BUT, if you could've done the soundtrack, yourself, what might you have put in and why? Would you have tried to make it a bit more upbeat? What songs would sound FUNNY in certain scenes or do you see certain characters like a certain song? I've been running through loads of my favourite songs, slightly more upbeat and sit smiling trying to fit it into a certain scene, it's quite fun to do.

For instance: From Jacobs perspective, especially, I could see he might like Aqua-Barbie Girl for Rosalie! It might make his time with her more bearable.

Maybe everytime Jacob looks at Bella you might hear Scouting for Girls - 'She's so lovely'

OR for the scenes with Mike and the guys, you could have something along the line of Franz Ferdinand - 'No you girls'!?

I like a bit of rock, but thought it was fun to add more upbeat/feel good songs to it, would be interesting to do that on moviemaker to see how it looks, lol!!

message 2: by Zojar (new)

Zojar | 259 comments Hmm, sorry, may have put this in the wrong place *blushing*

message 3: by Bella (new)

Bella | 304 comments I would probably keep Decode and I Caught Myself on the soundtrack because the guitar reminds me of the book so much. I honestly would not be able to come up with a twilight soundtrack because I am not very good at that kind of stuff. I will comment if I can come up with anything. I think Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore kinda reminds me of Renesmee a little bit though.

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The folder's just fine

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