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Bella and Edward - Bella and Edward by Girl on Fire *Rose*
by Girl on Fire *Rose*

tagsbella, edward, haiku, poem, romance, twilight

A Haiku Poem I crappily wrote up in Creative Writing class for an Assessment...it was random. Each verse goes in a difference perspective, each alternating from Bella, to Edward

chapter 1: Bella and Edward

Bella and Edward
chapter 1 — updated Mar 15, 2010 — 389 characters — 0 people liked this writing
I fall before you,
Here I am, right beside you.
Please don’t let me go.

My shimmering veins,
The beat of my frozen heart,
All belonging to you.

You’re all that I need.
Take me home, I can’t sleep now.
Sing a lullaby...

Sweet hauntings of you,
Forever. Eternity.
You are my life, lamb.

Risking all for you,
I know you would do the same.
My love for you blooms.

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Misery - The Sight by Arianna Watkins (edit)
by Arianna Watkins


Addy is madly love with Jordan Jackson, but so is her fake friend LaToya

chapter 1: The Sight

The Sight (edit)
chapter 1 — updated Dec 30, 2009 — 1222 characters — 0 people liked this writing
I could've cried, looking at my friend LaToya flirt with Jordan. The boy she knew I liked. I was pretty sure LaToya was flirting with Jordan. I could she was. Whenever she likes a boy she gives hints. First she smiles her pretty girl smile. Next she pushes her long, sliky, brown hair behind her ear. Then she rolls up her sleeves up(but she had on short ones. I was pretty sure Jordan noticed that she barely had sleeves as well). And last, she laughs at everything he says. She did that with all boys when she like them.
But why was she doing this to Jordan. She knew I liked him.Why was she being a back stabber.
"Are you sure?" I asked my friend Michael. I was trying to hold back my tears." It is true?"
"Yeah it's true," he said. "He told me over the phone last night that he likes LaToya." Oh this was a disater.
"Okay, I'll be right back," Jordan said to LaToya.
"Okay," she was smiling even harder. Then she turned her head and looked at me. She winked and smiled again. I knew it! She liked him! I always thought I would be Mrs. Addy Jackson. But no! It was gonna be Mrs.LaToya Jackson.
But the wrost part is, we're only in FOURTH grade!

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A thought - My Pain by Ilea Willis
by Ilea Willis

Something that was on my mind so i typed it down.
I don't know if i like it but its something different

chapter 1: My Pain

My Pain

You dont know my pain
Everyone has pain but not like mine
the pain of your biological father leaving you at 2
Or trying to hurt your mom

My Pain

When a boy doesn't understand the word NO!!
Touching you, telling you you want it
Stuck not knowing who to trust
Who to tell

My Pain

People tell me time will pass
To let it go
Do you not see that it haunts me
It stays in my dreams

My Pain

Because of this
no one knows the real me
you see the outside
what i give out, but if you look deep enough
you will see the TRUE me

My Pain

Your pain
Its not the same
you might not believe what i say
but believe this is me

This is My Pain...

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Guess what? I'm the only human here! :| - The News by Izumi Matsuda
by Izumi Matsuda

Suze is a normal girl with a very best friend and a group of best friends. That is, until her best friend, Audrey's parents suddenly die. Soon after, Audrey herself disappears and a long time ago her sister went away and was never seen again. So Suze goes out to find Audrey but instead comes face to face with none other than Satan's very hot son, Nick, who she thinks she might be falling in love with. So, she gets plunged into a world of vampires, wizards, fairies, wars, and love potions. Will she get through this alive?

You know the story "Guess what? I'm a vampire :/" by Tiffany? Weeell... that was from Audrey's point of view. Now this story, its all from Suze's point of view! :) So.. read if you daree... ;)

btw if u wanna read "Guess what? I'm a vampire" heres the link!


The News
Chapter One

"SUZE! The phone is ringing!" My mother said. I stopped in front of the phone and gave my mom an annoyed look.

"I can see that." I picked up the phone.

"Oh my god, Suze!" Audrey, my best friend screamed into her ear.

"Uh.... this is isn't Suze, this is her father...." I said in a low voice.

"Oh.. I'm so sorry, may I talk to Suze please? It's urgent." Audrey said, embarrassed.

I cracked up. "Juuust kidding, it's Suze!"

"Suze. It isn't funny. Something has happened." Audrey sounded so serious, that the smile slid of my face.

"What happened? Are you okay?" I asked, worried.

"My parents are dead."

chapter 2 — updated Mar 01, 2010 — 1294 characters — 65 people liked this writing — 56 reviews
"WHAT?!" I shouted "How? What happened?"

"I don't know. I just know that they're dead." Audrey stated.

"And nobody told you anything?"


I gasped "Maybe... they're part of a secret organization! Maybe they're like KGB and they have to frame their death so-"

"Suze! That's not what happened."

"Well then. How do you know?" Even though we were not face to face, I could feel Audrey staring at me like I'm an idiot. "Okay fine. So, is there gonna be a funeral or something? Do they even have the bodies?"

"Well, the funeral is tomorrow-"

"What?!" She ignored me.

"-and I don't know if they found the bodies or not."

"Well, what are we gonna wear to the funeral?"


"Yup. I'm coming with you aren't I? Unless-" I fake sobbed "you don't want me there."

Audrey laughed "We're wearing black."

"Okay." I heard my father calling me. "Ugh, I gotta go. He's calling me."

"Kayz, bye Suze! I'll pick you up at 12."

"Bye!" I hung up and turned around. There was my dad.

"Didn't I tell you to hang up an hour ago?!" He said.

"No, more like a minute ag-"

"Don't talk back to me! Now go and take out the trash."

I sighed under my breath and walked outside with the trash bags in my hands, wishing I lived somewhere else.

At the Funeral
chapter 3 — updated Mar 01, 2010 — 891 characters — 65 people liked this writing — 56 reviews
At 12 o'clock, Audrey picked me up at my house. Audrey had her thick, black hair down and she had a simple spaghetti strap black dress and small black heels. Her earrings were blue dangling earrings with black diamonds, sparkling in the sun just like her big ocean blue eyes.

"Whooooa, Audrey!" I exclaimed "You sure you want to waste looking like that to your parents' funeral?"

She shrugged "I know."

I chuckled "How modest."

"Well, even if they weren't my favorite people, they gave me food." Audrey reminded me.

"True." I smiled and we talked all the way to the funeral.

I thought the funeral was pretty.... well, boring. This guy said stuff about God and wished Audrey's parents to Rest In Peace. Nobody cried. After, they lowered the double-coffin into the ground.

It was a closed coffin.

Well, I wanted to give you a taste of it.Hungry for more.... www.goodreads.com/story/show/62088-gu...

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