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message 1: by Shalontel (new)

Shalontel | 9 comments Mod
Ok, I admit, I am very new here and I am already in love with the site. I like to either virtually or 'ground' surround myself with intellectual thinkers and this is basically the forum to do this in. Welcome everybody! Here is where I will also post events and provide links to online and ground book hosting and events.
I will be developing other threads (just for organizational purposes).
Last but not least, a few facts about me are I am an English professor, a mother of a prodigal seven month old, author of "No One in New Orleans Will Die" (to be released next month), creator of a new blog (, and I am also a writer with Examiner.
Enough about me, I am so curious to know about you all!

message 2: by P.Q. (new)

P.Q. Glisson Hey Shalontel and members of the group: Some of you may already know that I am a first time published author. My book, Her Sanctuary, by P.Q. Glisson (have to put my name because there's another book out there with the same title) is a modern romance/mystery between a half native american, Seth, and a caucasion woman who has escaped an abusive 10 yr marriage that she was sold into at age 16. He's been accused of murdering his wife and child (which he doesn't remember due to a head injury) and ostracized from both the whites and the indians for being a half-breed. When Shannon comes into his life, not only does she break down the shield over his own heart, but she captivates and changes the hearts of everyone around her. Though they proclaim their love early on, outside forces threaten to tear them apart and a secret from the past might just cost them both their lives.
I've had rave reviews on and on gr. One person even said "it wasn't your usual romance novel. There were many twists and turns and the chemistry between the two characters was electric." (quote from facebook)
The thing is, I have never before even attempted to write a novel. Sure, I wrote a couple of short stories when I was very young, but I guess, because of my career, I never had the time to sit and be still long enough to allow the creative juices to flow. but when I was laid off due to the softening of the housing market, I just sat down one day with an idea and started typing. It must have been divine inspiration because I suddenly found that the words were flowing faster than I could type. Eight months later, I finished it.
I'm very proud of my first born and I hope you will check it out.

message 3: by Shalontel (new)

Shalontel | 9 comments Mod
I have a question. Is it at barnes and noble? It truly sounds good! I have to teach tonight but I plan to look for it this weekend.

message 4: by P.Q. (new)

P.Q. Glisson Since I went through a self-publishing company who only does POD, it won't be in the store, but you can find it at any online bookchain such as Barnes&,, or you can walk into Barnes and Noble and have them order it for you. Please make sure you tell them it's the one by P.Q. Glisson. There's another book out there with the same title but it's by Joni Martin (I think that's her name) I'm so excited for you to read it. I've gotten really good reviews.
Be sure to post a review on the book stores website and goodreads. Thanks again Shalontel!!!

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