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Harlequin Books Chapters 1-4

I can tell already that I should keep a box of tissue near by. George Bellamy is hoping to make peace with his brother that he hasn't talked to in 55 years. OH man when that scene comes I know the tears will flow. Susan has me so connected with the characters already. Then there is Claire's story. She is a true victim but one who isn't willing to stay a victim. I can see lots of heart pounding scenes in my future from her. Of course there is the hero, Ross, who has been introduced to me but Claire hasn't met him yet. He already claimed my heart by the end of the prologue. He has some major issues to work through because of his time in the military. I can't wait for them to meet. I believe it will definitely be full of sparks. How could it not with such strong people? It was so hard to stop reading but I really want to give you a chance to "Read with Me" and if I read it all in one night then that would be impossible. LOL

I started this book yesterday and am planning on reading 4-5 chapters a day. Hopefully you are reading the book now and will be able to join in on the discussion. But at 4-5 chapters a day, it should take me about a week which leaves you plenty of time to grab your copy off your TBR pile or hunt it down in your local bookstore.

Harlequin Books Chapters 5-9

Claire and Ross meet and just like I thought, they both feel instant attraction but neither is willing to do anything about it other than not trust. Ross is set on getting George to come home. Claire is set on letting George make the decisions, all but the one to play match-maker. I'm going to enjoy watching Claire and Ross find out they can be there for each other and not just for George. Oh, and I love reading about George's memories of the past. I still don't know why he and his brother haven't talked for over 50 years and I know it will be heart wrenching but isn't that why we read romances, to have our emotions engaged? The Summer Hideaway definitely is fulfilling that promise. Next question is how a HEA will be achieved for Claire and Ross.

Harlequin Books Chapters 10-14

These chapters took us back in George's life to learn more about his relationship with his brother but we still don't learn exactly what tore them apart for 50+ years. I do have an idea but will have to wait and see if I'm right. Ross also meets his Grandad's brother. Oh that was an emotional scene! I felt my heart cry for them. I hope the next set of chapters answers some questions but I know it is just the middle of the book. LOL It is harder than I thought it would be to read this book in a set amount of chapters a day to share my thoughts with you.

message 4: by Sirinapa (new)

Sirinapa Prommarak You can see and buy books in this link

Harlequin Books Hi Sirinapa, Yes, I agree Amazon is a great place to find titles that are older but I prefer to shop at for current releases since they discount the price 20% and they currently have a promotion for free shipping on orders over $25.

Are you reading The Summer Hideaway? I'm asking because this discussion is for talking about the book not where it can be bought.

Harlequin Books Chapter 15-18

Dinner was arranged between the brothers and we get to learn more about what went wrong. It was close to what I was thinking but Susan had a twist in there that I wasn't expecting. I love when an author does that. :) Ross and Claire get a chance to get to know each other better during the dinner. Claire is still holding back because of her fear and Ross is more determined than ever to get her to open up. They definitely have a hot chemistry between them. Only time will tell how they get past all the secrets.
I don't know how much longer Claire can deny her attraction to Ross. I'm really looking forward to today's chapters.

Harlequin Books Chapter 19-22

Oh so much happens! I don't want to have to put spoilers alerts up so I will be really cryptic and you will just have to read the book to understand. LOL The family comes, Claire not so welcome. George crosses a few more things off his list. Ross and Claire, oh my, George and Millie, oh my, and then it all changes! Lots of love, trust, broken trust, emotions, and more intense emotions, can't wait for the next set of chapters!

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Rossy These glimpses were killing me while i was reading the earlier books. I'll be starting it tonight though so everything should be great.
Do we get any Daisy sighting? The 6th book left her love line in a cliff hanger, am DYING to know what happens with her next.

Harlequin Books LOL Rossy, sorry, but it's been killing me reading this is slow so it is nice to know someone has been suffering with me. Daisy is mentioned a couple of times but I don't think it will answer any questions. However, for the past year or so I have been working closely with the Harlequin Historical line so I haven't read the other Lakeshore books. Maybe the one liners will give you a clue that I missed. I have read Susan's historical romances and was looking forward to reading The Summer Hideaway. I would love to read every title Harlequin offers but I would need to speed read and where is the joy in that? So, I concentrated on the Historical titles and only dabbled with other lines to mix things up at times. Definitely didn't want to get hooked on a series. :) Now I will have to back order the rest of the Lakeshore titles for my personal collection. :)

Harlequin Books Chapter 23 -27

Things are beginning to be answered and Susan Wiggs has added a few twists that I didn't see coming. She also introduced a new question that I'm dying to find out the answer. These chapters hold a lot of emotional punch and sit on the edge of your seat moments. It was so hard to stop reading like I promised I would! I have a feeling Rossy and I will probably be finishing the book at the same time regardless of the fact that she started waaaaay after me.

Rossy The other books are worth the time, you should try them soon. I'm not a big fan of historicals though so i doubt i'll be reading those by the author. I did order some of her single titles.

In this book i have not been able to read too far yet. I'm in the part right now when they first meet. I can't wait to read a bit further, lunch break cannot get here soon enough!LOL

Rossy Harlequin Books wrote: "Chapter 23 -27

Things are beginning to be answered and Susan Wiggs has added a few twists that I didn't see coming. She also introduced a new question that I'm dying to find out the answer. Thes..."

You tease!LOL

I'm reading right now and we have not been told about the reason why George and his brother stopped talking to each other. I think i have an idea of what it may be, can't wait to find out for sure though.

Harlequin Books LOL what? I couldn't say what the new question was without giving away to much. Susan is great at keeping those secrets hidden until just the right time to reveal. I've noticed she likes throwing in the little extra twist to them that you don't expect. It is one of the key reason her books are such page turners.

Rossy Yowza! You were not joking about the few twists, i was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
Oh and how shocking was the true reason for the brothers estrangement? That is one BIG question that i would like answered in the future, though i got the feeling it was subtly answered. What do you think?

After reading all the previous books i am happy to say that this one was the best story yet. I had no complaints about any of the characters or the way the story developed. I was even happy for the tears!

I'm done now but am sure you'll like it as much as i did. Now if only i can do the review as smoothly as reading the book. :LAUGHS:

Harlequin Books Chapter 28-The End :)

The ending was action packed and romantic. Totally satisfying all the way to the end and I am officially hooked on the Lakeshore Chronicles.

Rossy, yeah, I think the big question is answered from a few well phrased looks exchanged between characters. Plus, if you key in on some of Jane's reactions, it really does seem clear what the truth is. And, I'm sure you saw the letter from Susan Wiggs at the end explaining that all your Daisy questions should be answered in the next book.

Rossy Very true, Jane gave the answer away with her reactions. Still makes me wonder if the answer will come up on a later book though...

I did read the letter at the end and am quite excited to see we're getting Daisy's book next! It seems she went MIA after what happened in book 5, and the times she has been mentioned in the last 2 books just keep intriguing me.

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