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message 1: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess Surely most people have read this series?
Excited for MOCKINGJAY?
Whats your opinion for a movie cast?
Favorite character?
Here we can discuss all this and much more!!!!!

message 2: by thals (new)

thals | 6 comments i love this book!!!!!!!!!
it definitely has to be made into a movie!!!
fav character is gale :D

message 3: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess I love Finnick.
Haymitch and Johanna are awesome too.
Peetas not bad either...

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

OMG!!! that is a crime *gasps in horror* you have to read it!!!

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) *chokes Regan the second time*

It's really good! You have to read it!!!!! I love Finnick too!

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) hey it not my fault
*stands up and makes another confession*
I'm Lisa and i am a book addict, i can't help my strong urge to read or keep my hands from twiching to choke anyone who hasn't read awesome books aka Regan.

message 7: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess regan, read HP first!!!!
Then Hunger Games ASAP after that!!!!!!
YOU HAVE TOO!!!!!!!!!

btw, i love Finnick, Johanna, Haymitch and Peeta...

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

you forgot gale

message 9: by Miranda (new)


message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) when does it come out??????

message 11: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 89 comments hey, since i haven't read them, i don't have another book to wait for ;D

message 12: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) arghhhhhhh pretending i didn;t hear that la~la~la get your ands on a copy while you can! la~la~la before i choke you to death like i did with regan! la~la~la

message 13: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 89 comments violent violent ;)
okay i will :P

message 14: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) la~la~la ok you better la~la~la im not violent just passionate ;P la~la~la

message 15: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 89 comments lol :P

message 16: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) la~la~la have you got the book yet la~la~la ok can i stop with the lalala now????? its knida hard coze i have to reacg here then there ....sigh ;)

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

la~la~la 2 u 2

message 18: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) haha ;)

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

wat started the la~la~la, just curious??

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

wat started the la~la~la, just curious

message 21: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) ummmmmmmmm started at message 15.....long story short SOMEONE told me that ~gasp~ she hasnt read the Hunger Games and i pretended i didn't hear it....;)

message 22: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Callinicos | 171 comments so excited for the new book love peta more than gale

message 23: by Kourtni (new)

Kourtni (kourkyloo) Lisa wrote: "ummmmmmmmm started at message 15.....long story short SOMEONE told me that ~gasp~ she hasnt read the Hunger Games and i pretended i didn't hear it....;)"

I just ordered Catching Fire on Amazon! I can't wait! I think I might be leaning towards Gale more than Peeta right now though. I'm anxious to find out how I feel after I read it!

message 24: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Callinicos | 171 comments oh ya after you read it youll prolly be going towards peeta i like him more personally

message 25: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Callinicos | 171 comments love it so much!!!!!!

message 26: by Beccy (new)

Beccy | 70 comments What is this series about?

message 27: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Callinicos | 171 comments its about a bad government and this girl kat get thrown in to a game for pleasure of the capitol where she has to fight for her life there is a developing love story and its a great book you need to read it

message 28: by Beccy (new)

Beccy | 70 comments Cool sounds interesting I might give it a go! :D

message 29: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) dont read the blurb READ the book okay coze its actually really good but the blurb makes it sound really bad but trust me its sooooo good - Book Guru ;)haha

message 30: by Beccy (new)

Beccy | 70 comments yea I'm still wondering about this book series the blurb kinds put me off LOL I might give the first book a try see if I like it :P

message 31: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) yer read it you wont regret it ;)

message 32: by Beccy (new)

Beccy | 70 comments Ok thanx :P I might give it a go sometime. I want to read all the Vampire Diaries and Night World books first though :D

message 33: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) mmmm yes, i have alot alot alot of books to read

message 34: by Beccy (new)

Beccy | 70 comments me too i also wanna finish off reading 3rd and 4th book of Vampire Academy! So many books to get through so little time lol!

message 35: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) haha i no rite!

message 36: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn My favorite chracters are Katniss, Peeta, Cenna, and Finnick!

message 37: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) Finnick is HOT

message 38: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Callinicos | 171 comments Lisa wrote: "Finnick is HOT"

omg yes!!!!!!!!!!!!i agree i want to see wat is going to happen with him and kat in the nxt book

message 39: by Maritza (new)

Maritza how many books are in this series

message 40: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) @ Maritza there are two out right now but a third is coming out later this year

@ Nicole- haha same screw peeta and gale ;P FINNICK AND KAT ALL THE WAYYYYYYY

message 41: by Maritza (new)

Maritza Is it mainly bout 0ne person?

message 42: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) no not really but its sooooo good ps dont read the blurb its like really bad

message 43: by Maritza (new)

Maritza Wat does it say in the blurb

message 44: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) Finnick <3

message 45: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) and I dunno wat the blurb says but just dont read it

message 46: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Callinicos | 171 comments haha i cant wait for the nxt one and what is up with finnick being in love with an old lady??

message 47: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (flwurautumn) Omigosh I just read Catching Fire last night :D
It was so good.
Finnick was in love with the girl from his district, Annie, the one that Mags volunteered to go in for cause Annie was like too traumatized. Mags was Finnick's mentor so I guess he loved her but he wasn't actually IN love with her.

message 48: by Maritza (new)

Maritza That makes sense

message 49: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (flwurautumn) Thank you :))
I can't wait till August 24. Mockingjay is going to be straight up epic.

message 50: by Maritza (new)

Maritza ur welcome :) i cant wait!!!

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