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♥♫♥BaybeeGrrl !RawЯ!♥♫♥ Coke Makes My World Turn

message 3: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (cohlover) | 3 comments neither i hate soda and all fizzy things

message 4: by Brianna (new)

Brianna  (whateven) coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


message 5: by Eli (new)

Eli Reyes (pxndxEli) | 20 comments NON... Dr. Pepper is the best!!!

message 6: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) ikr! but between coke and pepsi i pick coke!!!! yum

message 7: by Madeline (new)

Madeline (madelinemoghimi) Eli wrote: "NON... Dr. Pepper is the best!!!"

you are right

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

where are all the pepsi lovers i know???

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message 10: by Eli (new)

Eli Reyes (pxndxEli) | 20 comments i love dr. p. the best of all

♥♫♥BaybeeGrrl !RawЯ!♥♫♥ cherry coke is wht i live 4

message 12: by Eli (new)

Eli Reyes (pxndxEli) | 20 comments yeah its good

message 13: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) sounds good too. my dad drinks it a lot but i nvr tried it

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Devan, Sarcasm Expert (curiouscat) Pepsi because I don't do coke, drugs are bad for you.

message 18: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) lol, woww

i like nice coke

message 19: by Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥) (last edited Apr 11, 2010 06:59PM) (new)

Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥) (chintotheexperiment) Only Coke product I can drink without getting sick is Dr. Pepper(best thing in the world), but if I was limited to either Coke or Pepsi and not they're products I would say Pepsi, it taste better and doesn't mold.

♥♫♥BaybeeGrrl !RawЯ!♥♫♥ I Think They Taste The Same

message 21: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) Pepsi all the way!

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message 24: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) I'm making a poll!

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message 26: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing when it first came out, Coke had drugs in it.

Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥) (chintotheexperiment) Because Coca Cola was originally created to be a medicine.

message 28: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) But the inventor saw a better use for it - though I don't think it compares to Pepsi.

message 29: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) Better use: to entertain people's taste buds! :D

I dont really care for Pepsi that much actually.

message 30: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing I prefer... What's that place with the realy good sasparilla?

message 31: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) "/ What?

message 32: by Madhins (new)

Madhins  Neither! DOWN WITH POP!

message 33: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing *gasps* you don't like soda?! What about the tasty sasparilla?? And birchbeer??

Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥) (chintotheexperiment) ...@_@ I'm lost...

Sadly I'm drinking Pepsi right now because it is what is in my house and Pepsi was on sale at the store...

I would rather have juice.

message 35: by Madhins (new)

Madhins  I like soda... But it's bad for you!

message 36: by Madhins (new)

Madhins  Worst junk-food ever!

message 37: by Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥) (last edited Apr 19, 2010 07:47PM) (new)

Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥) (chintotheexperiment) ...I thought skittles were worse...were have I been living?

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idk, Mars.

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мαª∂нîη§ тнε ஐтяαηgє mυƒƒιn wrote: "I like soda... But it's bad for you!"

Yes it is, but not the worst.

Sky *daughter of Hermes* (rlstone) | 4 comments I believe so . . but to get back into the debate I would have to say coke. But overall it would have to be Sprite!

Devan, Sarcasm Expert (curiouscat) If I ever went into a southern town I would want to order a Sasparilla in an oldtimely bar wearing cowboy boots.

message 42: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) Is that a soda? Sasparilla?

message 43: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) Sort of.

message 44: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) oh

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Devan, Crazy Chic wrote: "If I ever went into a southern town I would want to order a Sasparilla in an oldtimely bar wearing cowboy boots."

i ♥ sasparilla!

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message 47: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) yummmmehhhh.

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message 49: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) ikr!?!?! coke is so yumilicious.
i think i drink it too much x_X

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