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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 26 comments Mod
1. Title of book.
2. Find a line in your book that describes setting with great imagery.

message 2: by Janie (new)

Janie | 25 comments Green Angel
"I saw then that the ink was green. It was
the ink of a sister, a woman with long, dark hair, a man who was strong"

message 3: by Maleeca (new)

Maleeca | 25 comments Make Lemonade
"The mirror is smeared with toothpaste. The kitchen floor has the creamed spinach I spilled a month ago. I pull up a corner of the living room curtain and smell it: you'd die. You cant imagine the things that live down the plugged drain. Stuck in the high-chair corners are margarine and rotting banana goo."

message 4: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee Wilson | 22 comments a matter of trust
"Hakeem Randall was walking to the front of the classroom to give his English report on Macbeth."

message 5: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Delgado | 21 comments Persepolis
"Things started to degenerate. The army shot at them.And they threw stones at the army."

message 6: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Barron | 15 comments Shattered
The restaurant looked the same as always, crowded with Bluford Students and other young people eating, talking, and laughing loudly.

message 7: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 3 comments 1. The man in the iron mask
2."one hot summer day...a carriage parked in front of the chateau."

message 8: by Christian (new)

Christian Medrano | 18 comments The Jungle Book;

Generations of monkeys have been scared into good behavior by the stories their elders told them of Kaa, the night theif

message 9: by Patrick (last edited Mar 10, 2010 01:27PM) (new)

Patrick | 12 comments (whiteboy)
1)"I saw whiteboy then that the ink was angry. It was
the ink of a sister, a woman with long, dark hair, A man 2)who was strong" the whiteboy can not figth hem so he never do it.....

message 10: by Edith (new)

Edith (3dith) | 24 comments Jennifer Woollven wrote: "1. Title of book.
2. Find a line in your book that describes setting with great imagery."


"Japan is a pretty safe place to wander around aimlessly."

message 11: by Maria (new)

Maria Santos | 14 comments tHe deM0Nta beC
"We CaN See tHe MeSS tHR0UqH tHe 0PeN d00r. bl00d eVerYWHere. bitS 0F HUMaN b0dieS. a MaN'S Head - MaYbe a PrieSt'S - StUCK 0N tHe tiP 0F a SPear Set iN tHe CeNter 0F tHe CHUrCH. eYelidS riPPed 0FF, eYes q0Uqed 0Ut, deM0NiC SYMb0lS SCraWled iN bl00d aCr0SS HiS F0reHead aNd CHeeKS."

message 12: by jasmine (new)

jasmine (heartsjasmnehearts) | 17 comments holes;
"the land was barren and desolate. he could see a few rundown buildings and some tents. farther away there was a cabin beneath two tall trees. those two trees were the only plant life he could see. there weren't even weeds."

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