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If only RPing was more popular in this group. Let's start a new RP! Anything goes! Limit is one or two characters per member. Just have fun with it! You do NOT have to use "If only" at the beginning!

I'll start:

Amira awoke in her tent to the sound of a raging storm. Rain poured down upon the thick canvas. She brushed her messy hair behind her head and prepared for the new day.

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Creature | 97 comments Outside Rombolar sat, ever vigilant, guarding the tent, his Rock-like hide easily repelling the water from the powerful downpour. Another day was soon to begin. Another adventure as well, that was, if Amira emerged from the dry warmth of her shelter. If not, then continue he would to watch over the tent, and Amira. It is what Stone Men did. For they are the guardians of this beautiful, but deadly, world.

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Safe from both the storm and watching eyes, Rili shifted into a comfortable position behind her bush in the fringe of the forest and settled down to wait, dagger clutched loosely in her hand.

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Amira sat up. She could see the dark form of Rombolar outside of her tent. She smiled, feeling safe that her good friend was always there to protect her.
She fastened her long cloak around her and folded the hood over her face in preparation of the rain. She then stepped outside.
"Good morning, Rombolar", she said with a smile.

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Creature | 97 comments Rombolar looked back over his shoulder and smiled, well as much of a smaile as a Stone man can manage. In a deep booming voice he spoke out to Amira.
"Good Morning Amira. Well I guess it's a good morning anyway. It is a rainy, stormy day. We will have to be more vigilant for thieves and creatures as the rain will help disguise their movements."

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Rili suppressed a snort. "Oh, really," she murmured. She brushed her slightly damp blond hair out of her eyes. It wasn't the Stone man she was concerned with. He was obviously as subtle as his namesake, though she wouldn't like to get caught in that crushing grip. No, it was Amira that worried her. She might, just might, prove a serious problem.
So far, however, things were going well. The lady seemed to be bent on going out despite the rain - that gave her the chance to get in and get out swiftly with her object of interest.
So she settled back and watched, a half smile still lingering on her face. She could wait because she knew she would get her prize, in the end.
She had to.

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Amira placed her hand on Rombolar's stony shoulder. "Let's get an early start today. We wouldn't want those creatures catching up to us again. Not after last night."

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Rili sat up a little straighter. So someone else was after it, too. And had made it here before her. Apparently they hadn't succeeded. She wondered what had happened to them, and more importantly if Amira and Rombolar were moving camp or just going out for a day's travel.

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Amira turned to face her stone friend. "Rombalar...if we're to find this Urn, perhaps we should pick up our pace. I'll go out today and search for the path. Let's leave camp here."

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Rili bared her teeth in a grin. They were after the wrong thing, and they didn't even known it. Urn, indeed! Now they would leave their camp wide open. It was perfect.

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 392 comments Shae lounged on a tree branch just out of sight of the camp. She stroked her trusty bow lovingly. She had gotten it from her master the day she had firstbecome an assasin. It had not only allowed her to become one of the best assasins despite her age. Plus it had saved her life on many occasions. It almost felt like it was alive at times. She smiled and turned her attention back to the camp and her target, Amira.

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((omg, there's 2 ppl after me! Oh noes!))

Amira took a deep breath. Today's the day, she thought to herself. The Urn could be in her grasp within hours. Her heart beat with excitement.

She went back into her tent to gather her things.

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 392 comments ((lol...I wanted to be someone bad this time))
Shae smiled as she saw Amira reenter her tent.
Just a bit more and I'll have you

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One of the disadvantages of being a sword for hire, Rili thought as a leaf dropped its accumulated load of rainwater on her, is not being able to choose where and when you do something.
She should have known better than to complain, even silently. Moments later she let loose an explosive sneeze, and then froze in horror, eyes flicking around for a reaction.

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Amira poked her head out of her tent. "Rom...did you hear something?"

((Let's wait for Creature to respond. He hasn't been on in a while))

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((sounds good))

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 392 comments ((agreed))

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Tora got out of her tent and walked around.

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((If only someone would Rp with me))

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((We're waiting for Creature :D))

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) | 392 comments ((his username is Creature...I always forget his real name...sorry Creature!))

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