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Mara I'm looking for books similar to The Gargoyle. Specifically books that are beautifully or uniquely written with grotesque imagery or dark subject matter. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Lisa Murphy Hi Mara,
I recently published a book of magical realism that may appeal, about two artists (a mother and daughter) who invite trouble by accepting a gift from the god Hades. Less dark, perhaps, but certainly edgy. The magical realism is subtle and in the background, like in The Gargoyle, and the focus is on literary writing and compelling characters. If this interests you, please check out The Turkish Mirror (
Best -- Lisa C. Murphy

Leona Širac I suggest a book Darling Jim

Carrie Chaney ...I don't know about grotesque imagery, but My Name Is Memory reminds me a bit of this book. It deals with reincarnation, and I think it's quite beautifully written. ;) Hope this helps!

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Carrie Chaney @Brenda -- I agree with you. My Name is Memory is just the only similar thing I've read so far. The Gargoyle, to me anyway, is kind of in a league of its own. It's a very unique subject, and exceptionally written.

Circe Although, I agree with Carrie that The Gargoyle is in a league of its own. I do recommend The Book of Fires by Jane Borodale. Borodale does a tremendous job the slums of London in the mid 1700s that mimics Davidson's description of the protagonist's burnt skin in the Gargoyle. The story line is also very good.

Carrie Chaney Hmm...I think I might check that one out too, Rose!

Circe If you're into theme of destined fate or doomed fate, then The Surrendered by Chang Rae Lee is also very good. Chang has a rawness of story-telling that is similar to Davidson.

Circe Oh..and how can I forget to mention, "A Reliable Wife," by Robert Goolrick. Talk about grotesque imagery and dark subject matter. This books describes the living conditions of a cold and isolated town in Wisconsin in the early 1900s. Also, the darkness and redemptive nature of the human heart.

Betsy Carrie wrote: "...I don't know about grotesque imagery, but My Name Is Memory reminds me a bit of this book. It deals with reincarnation, and I think it's quite beautifully written. ;) Hope this..."

My Name is Memory is a book that means alot to me. I read it last summer when I was realized that my returned lost love did not feel the same way about me and was not going to be a part of my life no matter how much I wished and believed it possible. It captured the kind of love that, for what-ever reason doesnot fade away.

Sprout117 i would say Michael Ondatje's "English Patient" is comparable. I recently finished "Night Film" (dark/gothic) and I'm currently reading 11/22/63 (beautifully crafted)...neither of which are on the same topic, but both are very good. Also, Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is another example of gorgeous writing/mystical/gothic/dark...

Linda Kelly Can highly recommend The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker.

Linda Kelly Oh and The Book of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric.

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Reem Tiss I would recommend DAN Brown books !
Not really similar but I feel like it has the same spirit, same depth...

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Nea Did you end up reading any books similar to the Gargoyle? I love the way the author's writing style engages the reader.

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Emma Shadow of the Wind

Kristin Fair warning about My Name is Memory: it is an incomplete series that the author hasn't even mentioned whether she plans on continuing.

It is a great book, and I loved it, but she needs to finish the series.

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Mara I loved Night Film by Marisha Pessl. It's incredibly dark and atmospheric.

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