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message 1: by Trion (new)

Trion | 27 comments well....sorry if i just created a weird thread.

my reading goal would be to expand my taste of read.

currently i cant seem to go beyond fiction and humour, so i would be trying to slowly go for some classics or non-fiction or those boring "how to become a leader" novels; as currently am reading fictions like angels and demons.

its like a guy's transition from wannabe to a pro.

might help improve my writing skills as well.

or should i just stick with my natural ignorance of serious stuff.

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen | 28 comments "my reading goal would be to expand my taste of read"
perfect! Thanks Trion! I love mysteries, thrillers, horror, romance, etc. But currently Reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and loving it. Oh and I guess one of my favorites was Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides. I need to steer more in that direction.

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex I'd skip the "How to become a leader" books myself; I don't know any leaders who've read them.

Angels & Demons had a historical element that was pretty interesting, right? I bet you found yourself thinking "That [crazy thing that Dan Brown mostly made up:] sounds pretty interesting; I wish I knew more about it."

I suggest moving on to some good historical fiction. I just read Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome by Robert Harris; it's a terrific read with a gripping plot - you'll have a good time - but it's also, coincidentally, a pretty accurate biography of Cicero. That could be a way to ease yourself into a different kind of reading, right?

If you're not into Rome and want other recommendations...well, you're on a good site for it. There's a pretty cool group for historical fiction.

Good luck bud. I made the same transition myself a few years ago. I find it really exciting to learn about serious stuff.

message 4: by Trion (new)

Trion | 27 comments Welcome Karen (though i seriously dont know why you are thanking me)

Alex..Yeah i dont know why all my friends read those leadership related books..Its fun when i end up bullying them..

I finished Angels and Demon and tbh it did look genuine as in there was not a single moment where i thought he made this up.
Good way to merge Mystery,excitement with history and travel.
Now i got a vague idea of how Vatican city is like AND whole antimatter stuff AND Church-Science clash.

Now i am reading Digital fortress- seems yet another merge but now its Software replacing History.

I will have a look at Imperial if its available..Thanks.

message 5: by Alex (new)

Alex Yeah, he sounds believable, right? He's totally full of crap though. For example, he's way wrong about what antimatter is. Here's a little section about it on Wikipedia:

Not saying you shouldn't have fun reading Brown's books - just don't get into an antimatter debate with a scientist any time soon. Brown is not teaching you history. Or science.

If you like Digital Fortress, you could check out Enigma, coincidentally also by Robert Harris, who I now sound like a shill for. (Coincidence, I swear!) I haven't read it, but people love it. It's about the race to decode German military code in WWII. Novel with historical basis. That story is f'ing amazing. We did things like sacrifice our own ships so the Germans wouldn't know we'd decoded their transmissions. $20 says Dan Brown namechecks Enigma and Alan Turing at least once in Digital Fortress.

message 6: by Trion (new)

Trion | 27 comments Learnt now to go have a background check about anything before making my opinions..Thanks

Pillars of Earth
Journey to centre of Earth

will soon be on my to be read list.

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