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♫Krista♫ (kristabobista) | 9162 comments Mod
Why this is in the Fantasy section; you'll see, just read.


Now, I love all of you guys. And all the new members that want to RP with us. I think it's great that we're getting more members that will participate! But there is one thing. People look at the fantasy RP and are like :O. I understand, 11377 you're kidding right? Some might ignore that and find another topic, but others who are persistant and want a good fantasy RP will join.


Some problems that happen with people who jump right in to a RP (espescially one like ours) won't read every single post to catch up on everything. It would take forever ect, ect. And so when a person jumps in, they're slightly clueless and have no idea what to do. And when the RPers finally do get them to come in, the person doesn't know the history and things start to crumble. Now, this doesn't happen all the time, but for the most part it does. And it gets quite annoying.

So Then What?

Erin, our other mod, had kind of disappeared in the RP (we are so sorry about that!) decided that it would be a good idea to start a new fantasy RP. And frankly, I agree with her. I think it is great, and will help everyone. So new members, if you are interested in a fantasy RP please join the new rp:

The 22nd? Why is that so Important?

March 22nd is very dear to us main/old RPers (Jessika and I and Erin). That is when the first fantasy RP started and when we first met. So it's our anniversay of a lot of things. Just to clear that up.


Again, thanks you guys. You are awesome, and keep on rocking! If you have questions post below or send me a message. I'm not scary, I won't bite. Promise.

~*NOTE: The original fantasy RP is really adult and slighty graphic. Like if it were to be given a rating it would be rated R. I swear. There's swearing, sexual contents (such as kissing), crude humor and other not very child things about it. So join the NEW FANTASY RP. Thanks again!

Your moderator, Krista

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) | 11012 comments Mod
Another one of these things:

Another Introduction
Again, we love you all. We love you so much! But this RP goes about as fast a Japanese jet train. There's a whole new RP for newcomers who want to test out their fantasy skills. This RP is just like an aged cheese, if you randomly came near it and didn't know what it's origins were, you'd probably make a scared face. But if you started from the beginning, you'd know what it means to you and have more appreciation for it. That being said.

More Problems
People usually make characters in the Old Fantasy RP, but then never RP. And if you do RP, you drop out within a week or so, because again, super fast RP speed. So the New Fantasy is a clean slate. Hardly anyone has RPed there, so it's perfect for newcomers! What could hurt? Clean, good paced, fun RPing? :D

March 22nd? Are you guys on crack?
No, we are not on crack. But thanks for asking. :D March 22nd, 2012 will be the Old Fantasy RP's 4 year anniversary. Just by that, you can see that we're crazy about this RP. Seriously, if we were rich, this'd be a TV show. A long long LONG TV show. So that's that.

In Conclusion

Another Note:
This RP would most likely be R, as Krista said. Cussing, graphic scenes of sexual intercourse, violence, abuse, and all together gore. The plots are designed to break the hearts of the writers, and death is an inevitable and ugly truth that all of our characters face regularly. Not pretty. There is marital issues, broken families and other things that make you appreciate the happy life you have with your parents in your boring school.

So yeah, this is basically a different version of what Krista said, but I felt the need to post it again.
A- To get some people's attention
B- Just so I could write. :P
Yeah. The end. I'm done now. Back to writing my story. . .

Oh! And Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D:D:D:D:D

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